Extra Extra! A Shop Opens

So I have a job, full-time, where I drive to work, and drive home. I also have a second job, where I work from home, on evenings and weekends. And now, like I needed something else to do, on my 26th birthday, I'm launching a cozy little shop:

I normally take up knitting every winter when it's cold in order to keep my fingers warm. I've made blankets for our couches and the bed, I've made pillows for every couch and chair, and I wear my warm scarf everyday in the brutal wind off Lake Michigan. So now that I have furnished my home and my wardrobe, it's time for others to have these items as well.

At times, I'd like to feel like a normal person in their mid-twenties. You know, the type to be able to binge watch the newest show on Netflix and be the first to talk about it. The type to have enough free time to read the latest fiction books before movies are made about them. While I spend much of my time at work, or working from home, I grasp onto any remaining time and claim it just for me. Knitting has definitely become some much needed relaxation, just for me. I can knit while I cuddle on the couch with my greyhound, which is another way I love to spend my free time.

I hope you like my cozy pieces as much as I do.


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