Friday, May 22, 2015

Plan Hard, Play Hard

Friday, May 22, 2015

These past few weeks I have been putting a ton of time into the museum. May has been the month of large events. This month is not even over yet, but one of the largest event budgets I've worked on was this week. It was so exciting to see it all come together, and such a relief to no longer have to coordinate all of the logistics for this one. 

I thought I'd share some photos of this event that I am so proud of. With events, so many things can go wrong, and day-of, managing is primarily solving those last minute problems. Thankfully, it went incredibly smooth and the only hiccup was the freight elevator breaking down for just a few minutes. 

For this event, the audio visual equipment took three days to load in. There was a stage, a screen, and two rear-projectors that were brighter than I've ever seen. All of the other exhibit halls in the museum had multiple TV monitors in them, live-streaming the stage presentation. They hung speakers from the ceilings throughout 3 floors of our museum, so that the presentation and the DJ's music could be heard no matter where you were. There were uplights throughout the building, turning it from a museum-by-day to an event space by night. Rented furniture was brought in to create lounge areas throughout the exhibit halls and even outside on our terrace. The caterers served heavy hors d'oeuvres and it was some of the best catered food I've had at an event. There were beef short ribs that came out so tender and hot, and when a caterer is cooking for 800 guests, that is really impressive. 

Words haven't come so easily these days. My head is focused mostly on work and all the writing I'm doing is in the form of emails. This blog post alone is taking me longer than usual. However, we are off to enjoy our Memorial Day weekend in New Orleans! If you remember, I visited New Orleans for my bachelorette weekend two years ago. Ever since, I've wanted to bring along S because I fell in love with the city, it's people, and all of the great food and drinks. I'm looking forward to seeing the museums that I missed last time, spending more time on Frenchmen St with the jazz bars, and I'm even looking forward to a long drive with friends and a new book. Being that I've been working so much, I feel like I haven't spent much time cuddled up on my couch with my dog. He already got his stitches out and he's healing just fine. He's going to greyhound camp while we're away, but I wish we could take him with us! I'm going to miss him so much, but I know the hardest part is saying goodbye. Once I'm in NOLA, I'll be having so much fun that I won't miss him as much as I already do.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

On Being Selfish

Thursday, May 14, 2015
I did something really selfish for the first time in a really long time. I'm an event planner by day, so naturally I make lists and budgets and generally plan things out before following through with them. Earlier this week, I booked a last minute flight to Paris. 

I didn't get a good deal, but I did get double the miles on my travel credit card. I've been saving miles for Japan which is on the horizon for the next cherry blossom season. 

It could have been my Timehop showing me that I was in Paris five years ago in May that persuaded me.
It could have been the fact that I've been incredibly busy at the museum and while in May I've been traveling 100 miles per hour, June is so dead that its the perfect time to go. 
It could have been the simple "long shot" invitation from my friend that is studying abroad in England, because when else in my life will I get to take a girls trip to Paris?
It could have been reasoning that all my credit cards are paid off and what else is the point of saving if not to travel?
But I really think it was just a selfish moment. I want Paris to myself and I want it now. I also think that it was pretty reckless; dropping that kind of money on a plane ticket is very unlike me. But I made a budget and including the apartment, the transportation, and daily baguettes and wine, I'll make it work. We always do, don't we? And maybe being that the last time I did something spontaneous was years ago, a midnight road trip with a friend, I'm thinking it was time to be spontaneous again because when else can I do this if not at 25?

All I know is that I'm going and it feels so very necessary to be selfish, and reckless, and spontaneous sometimes.

My friend and I already have an apartment in the local's area of Le Marais, Bastille, and Oberkampf. I remember when I was there last, we stayed close to Le Marais and it was one of my favorite areas to walk through. So many trendy shops, sidewalk cafes, museums nearby, and a really central location. This time, we're a little closer to Oberkampf, where I remember the locals going at night. We already have plans to visit the places we each missed during our first visits, and this time I'm prepared with a credit card that has a chip in it so that I can finally rent a Velib bike to ride around freely there. We'll have a week together, and I'm already refreshing up on my high school/college French textbooks. Erin, any tips for girls that are revisiting Paris? It's hard to decide what to revisit and what to try that's new!

Photo is of me, in Paris, 5 years ago. We were at Versaille and it was freezing. We sat on the steps with a view of the lake ahead and a view of the local's apartments to the left. We ate our sandwiches and I remember the wind was so cold on my cheeks. This was my blog back then.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Anniversary Dinner at the Emergency Vet

Tuesday, May 05, 2015
On Saturday, we dressed up for dinner reservations at our favorite restaurant for our anniversary. We dined there the night S proposed and we had one of the best meals of our lives. We brought in our last bottle of wine that we brought back from France and we tried foie gras for the first time, paired with coffee crumble, pistachio paste, and zuchinni bread. Together, it created a flavor I've never tasted before.

Before we left for our dreamy meal at the restaurant this weekend, we took Mordechai for a walk, like we normally would. We didn't get more than five houses away when a neighbor's dog, off leash, ran straight for Mort. There was barking, biting, snapping, yelling, neighbors yelling, a second off leash dog, and finally, the dogs owner came out to assist in getting the dogs off and away from our dog. Inside our home, we see a little red spot on the side of Mort's ribs. Not that bad, a bite the size of a staple. We clean him up, he stops bleeding, but I run my hands all along him in case there's something we missed. I touch under his chest and he flinches, no yelp, no growl, just a flinch. I look at the blood on my hands and under his chest and it's an open wound 3-4 inches in diameter. I grab his folder of every medical procedure he's ever had and we're headed to the emergency vet.

In the car, he can't get comfortable. He's sitting up, which he never does because normally that's uncomfortable. Not sure why, but I made sure to grab his treats on the way out the door, which I'm feeding him from my hand during the car ride. Normally, I don't want him eating out of people's hands, but he's bleeding, and uncomfortable, so you know, yolo.

We wait at the vet maybe an hour before we see the doctor. The vet techs check on him, he's doing okay. He lays down on the floor and I slip a paper towel under his wound so it doesn't touch the ground. When the doctor comes in, Mort's tail is wacking against the metal table, echoing a decent beat in the small room. The doctor rubs his ears, tells him loving things, becomes his new best friend. The doctor says he needs stitches, and that he needs to be put under anesthesia. It will be a few hours, we should go get something to eat.

One of the main reasons this was all so scary is that greyhound's skin is super thin; the tiniest nip from another dog can cause huge damage. This is why they wear muzzles when they race. Something as simple as a dog running next to them, teeth bared, grazing the skin at 45-miles-per-hour could spill the hound's intestines. The other scary part is going under anesthesia. It's scary when anyone's dog (or family member, of course) goes under anesthesia, but for greyhound, it's common for them to never wake up. It's something to do with their naturally low blood platelet levels. Of course, we drove a little farther to a specific emergency vet near the greyhound track, one that we know has seen greyhounds before. In case we are ever out of town and have to take Mort into a vet that we've never been to before, one that may have never treated a greyhound, I carry this little card with me in my wallet with all of his vital information that the vets will need to know to treat him.

We're sitting at the bar of a decent chain restaurant that was less than 10 minutes away from the vet and I debated whether it was the "right" motherly thing to do to get a cocktail. S assures me, it's okay, it will most likely help. On my second one, we talk about things we could have done in the moment to avoid it getting that bad, things we can do next time. The bartender forgets to put in our food order, apologizes, offers us something in the meantime. We shrug it off, we have no where to be in a hurry.

The vet calls, they say he's ready. We bounce and I'm so excited to see him. When they bring him out he's wagging his tail and walking circles around us, just like when we come home from work. A little parade. He's all shaved up, it's the worst hair cut I've ever seen, but he's still pretty cute. They give us all his meds, we check out all his gross stitches, and we pay the bill.

As soon as we get home, he hops up on the couch, I help him get comfortable, and he passes out. I put on Netflix, thinking, if I was a dog high on drugs, what would I want to binge watch on Netflix?
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