Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Currently // 3

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
eating // burgers. Not sure how it happened, but I've had more burgers in these last few weeks than I have had all year. I had a burger with some beers one night when we didn't want to cook, and it was so good that the next day I wanted another for brunch. Later in the week, there was the weekly farmer's market down the block and the most amazing smell was coming from a burger food truck. Had to. 

drinking // gin. If you're not a gin fan, I'm thinking that all you've ever tried is London style dry gin. A bartender suggested I try Counter gin (sleek bottle with a dapper dude on the label) and it changed how I appreciate gin. It tastes like the most wonderful botanicals.

practicing // french. The Dou Lingo app is amazing (and free!) and great to practice my ever disintegrating French. A friend also showed me an app called HelloTalk which allows you to text others across the globe and practice a language with them! I can practice French while helping my new French friends practice English. It's like a pen pal in my pocket. 

learning // how to tell stories. I follow a travel blogger and storyteller on the blog Fevered Mutterings. He wrote an e-book, a five-part newsletter, and does consulting all on storytelling. So I'm learning how to be a better story teller. It's not just for my blog, but also for the content managing I do on the side. A great point that this blogger makes is that stories can be persuading, and the word for that is advertising. Changing the way people think and controlling their behavior through storytelling? That's power.

celebrating // Mordechai's birthday! He turned 4 earlier this month and we celebrated by taking him to visit his old friends at the adoption kennel. He also got some leftover pasta for dinner that night ;)

reading // so many books. As per usual, I'm in the middle of a few books. I'm currently reading: Kelly Cutrone's Normal Gets You Nowhere, a feel-good non-fiction book; The Blue Train by Agatha Christie which is the first murder mystery I've ever read, and it takes place on a  train through France (intrigue!); and lastly, I'm in the middle of The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall which was recommended by the blogger of Fevered Mutterings (^see learning section), which currently serves as my informative non-fiction book these days when I need to feel inspired to write. 

enjoying // our home. These days, nothing makes me as happy as coming home to cuddle on the couch with Mort. I even love when I am cleaning up around the house and he follows me from room to room like a little shadow, seeing if I need any help. 

listening // to Purity Ring and Braids' new albums because I'm going to see them in May in New Orleans! I've been looking for an excuse to take S to New Orleans with some friends and this is the perfect opportunity. We're going to stay in the same old carriage house in the quarter that I stayed in last time and I'm so excited to eat and drink and explore! I have a feeling I'm going to be spending every night at the Frenchman Street jazz bars. 

dreading // the pain of a sternum tattoo... eek!

wearing // my blonde streak again. I had a blonde streak of hair in high school and a little into college. I covered it up a few years ago and now that I have it back, it feels like it was meant to be there all along. 

cooking // recipes from Mimi Thorisson. Last weekend we had a really beautiful, sunny day so I took my blanket to the backyard, my Food and Wine magazine, and my cookbook by Mimi and read in the sun. I was flipping through the latest issue of F+W and stumbled upon an article with Mimi; it was like F+W knew exactly what I was in the mood for. Her recipe in the magazine that caught my eye was steak with shallots and red wine sauce. Oh. My. Guh. Per the recipe, the steak came out perfectly medium rare, the sauce was deliciously decadent, and the red wine that I paired with it was all that I needed after a warm day laying in the sun. Are you hungry yet?

travelling // or not. Tomorrow I was supposed to fly to Washington DC to visit a friend and see the cherry blossoms but unfortunately she has had a family emergency and I had to cancel my flight. Our schedules are so busy, even well off into plans through October and we cannot find another weekend that I can visit. It has really bummed me out, I miss my friend so much.

smelling // essential oils. I haven't purchased candles for a while now and instead, I buy various oils and mix them in an oil burner. My favorite combinations are ambergris and musk, almond and vanilla, and bergamot and lemongrass. I can burn the lemongrass and bergamot in the laundry room and it's so potent I can smell it in the living room! Candles can't match it's power. On days I'm sitting on the porch, I'll burn citronella to keep the mosquitoes away. The combinations are endless and I've loved burning oils so much lately that I bought a second oil burner so I could have one scent going in the kitchen and another in the living room. 

feeling // good. I got an email from the adoption kennel where we got Mordechai and they were asking for volunteers to bathe the greyhounds up for adoption, so I signed us up! We cleaned their ears and massaged them while giving them a shampoo. When I was a hairstylist I used to shampoo people all day, so I'm pretty much a pro. I really loved spending time with the hounds, even the shy ones, and I felt so good about doing the little that I could. Other volunteers were cleaning the hound's crates and replacing their blankets with clean ones, mowing the lawn of the outdoor pen, and even building a shaded structure next to the kennel. The few hours we were there we were able to bathe about 10 or so greyhounds and there were still plenty that needed to get a bath! Volunteers put in so many hours and it's really nice to not only help out the greyhounds, but to help alleviate some of the other volunteer's of their duties too. 

I originally saw this currently feature on Joy Felicity Jane.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Witch's Tea Party

Friday, March 20, 2015
This Witch's Tea Party is a guest blog post that I did for Witch Baby Soap and their new spring collection! Chelsea at Witch Baby Soap is an old friend of mine that has created an amazing soap company with all natural ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free. My favorite part of her brand are her unique shapes like this graveyard bath bomb, her witchy and see-through soaps like the Ouija board and High Priestess tarot card soaps, and the variety of earthy scents.

You can see the blog post here, as well as below. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quotes From My Teenage Diary // Part 1

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
Kirsten blogged about her junior high school diary by sharing some hilarious snippets, and while I have a handful of scattered journals from middle school, my most interesting thoughts and monumental moments came out of high school. Some are funny, some sappy, some sad. I've included some snippets that I don't mind sharing because let's face it, you don't want to see everything in these bound books. You can see Kirsten's post here.

School is only a place for trends to be followed  and egos lowered.
I'm not using my journal anymore because it smells of Marlboro Man. (written on a crumpled piece of notebook paper and taped inside)
My mom has perfect hands.
I hope I don't die young and they find this "among my possessions" and read it because, never mind.
I am addicted to other people's secrets.
I would love to work in the airport. All the different people relating by location. So many emotions going through each one of them...
(in Italy...) When we arrived at the Sabatino's we were greeted by the wife who kissed me twice and I felt her coarse grey facial hair against my cheek... She had made lasagna and a stove top cup of espresso with the perfect amount of sugar.
When I go a day without writing, it feels like weeks.
I have a wish buried in me that it will be me he likes.
He saw my abstract art hanging in my room and said, "What does this say?" And I said, "Nothing, it's poor art." Maybe no one in the room heard him; I want that moment all to myself, "Then you're blind."  
I guess college and high school shouldn't mix, though I'd like them to.
He texted me, IMed me, and called me today. I know I'm leading him on, but I never meant to.
Top 8/16/whatever is a ridiculous way to rank your friends.
Most things look better when you put them inside a circle. (written inside a circle)
I went into the living room to ask my dad if I could go to the movies. He said to tell him what animal they were talking about as he blasted Pink Floyd's "Sheep". I said cow. He told me the song was also talking about people. Then he let me go. He stood with a green bottle of German beer in his hands.
My dad said he was also 16 when he got his first tattoo. It hurt more than I expected.  
[He] asked me if I considered myself shy... I told him I try not to be and he said that was a good answer. He then asked if I thought he was shy after I told him what a downfall it is. I said blatantly, "Yeah."
The thing about a car accident is, it makes me want to be in reality even more. I don't want to escape into television or a book... My chest hurts, my breastplate, my upper ribs, those things. I've got a proud seat-belt welt. My mind is all over the place. I'm just glad to be home. Death can just come at you, at any time. It's definite, and yet we doubt it. Where people go in a car accident, there is no speaking. Your mind is doing all it can and nothing at at the same time. Speaking is impossible. 
I got my film developed and the young kid who developed them said he thought it was cool I shot black and white and that he liked them. He thought they were from Warped Tour but I told him there were from the show yesterday, and he said, "A&A?" and I said yeahhh. It was nice to get compliments from strangers. 
[He] texted me at 12:01 am, when I was already asleep, "Does the soft pitter-patter of the rain put you to sleep like it does me." I was surprised... I missed the text. I guess my absence was his answer.
At one point, in the bookstore [he] sat on the floor with a book. It's not that I've never seen it, or done it, but he was so into it. I don't know how long I stood there appreciating the moment. 
He saw I was sad and he said it'll be alright, go home and eat some chocolate. And it's funny because it was just the perfect thing to say. Later he asked what I was doing. Today, I said, I'm eating some chocolate. 
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