Things That Made Me Smile: December

List things I'm thankful for, things I'm loving, things worth sharing...
  • Balsam Fir. Our tree isn't so potent this year, but our balsam fir candle is. It's a comforting scent.
  • Mushroom tree ornaments.
  • Biscotti for days. Usually I bring a big batch to Thanksgiving, and then they are all gone. This year, I've been eating one every so often out of the refrigerator. 
  • Singing in Icelandic.
  • Homemade raviolis with ricotta, lemon, and nutmeg inside for Christmas dinner.
  • Fancy candles. For Christmas, S and I eat gave each other a fancy candle. For him, an Old Fashioned Cocktail candle. For me, my first Dyptyque candle. There's a Diptyque shop up the block from us and I like going in there to smell the complex candles. The candle S got for me is made to smell like Russian leather, dark bark, mellow musks, and dried herbs.
  • Friends inviting us over for Christmas Eve dinner, drinks, and games. Friends visiting from out of state just in time to join us for Christmas Dinner, the first in our new home. Last minute visitors means that we didn't have to spend Christmas day as just us like I thought we would.
  • Christmas coffee with hints of vanilla, hazelnuts, and spices. 
  • Walking the dog and being surrounded by holiday decorations.
  • Extra time off for the holidays, spent at home, exploring our city, and sleeping in with Mordechai. 
  • Also, Mordechai's Instagram. Because who knew that there were so many other adorable greyhounds on Instagram?
  • Meeting a friend from Livejournal. 
  • Watching this family's vlog. Because I really love the honestly that they share about starting a family. It's isn't always easy, but it's always beautiful nonetheless. I've come to really look forward to the videos that they make. Also, it's inspired me to film more of Chicago and share a compilation of my favorite things here in winter. I'm not able to commit to daily, weekly, or even monthly videos, but I look forward to creating seasonal videos. Winter/spring/summer/fall.


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