Feeling Welcome in the City of Broad Shoulders

We recently got brunch with friends in Logan Square at Revolution Brewing. I visit Revolution once a month for Evolution at Revolution (I'd like to do a post on this event separately. Just know that it's an awesome event - it's so great that I volunteer for it!), and every time it has great food and beer. This time, we got to try their brunch items. Paired with a beermosa (saison beer and orange juice!), their french toast as well as their biscuits and gravy were so good! Afterwards, we went "Small Business Saturday" shopping at a local art gallery. Then, we walked to the "Greeting from Chicago" mural.

Dinner at Pub Royale - easily my favorite restaurant that I've tried in Chicago so far. You can't beat palak paneer, lamb dumplings, rabbit pie, and a great beer selection. They have a gose beer (sour beers are my new favorite thing now) on draft with limeade in it and it is so refreshing. Also, they have two beautiful, white peacocks mounted on the walls. I tell S that one day, if he were to propose again, all he would have to give me is a white peacock on a pedestal. They are just so beautiful. In exchange, he says all I have to get him is one of those elaborate, hand-carved cuckoo clocks that has an entire village moving when the clocks strikes the hour. The bird comes out and chirps, the couples spin around, dancing on the balcony, the barmaid serves the beer, and the watermill turns. How dreamy!

We met up with new friends at a bar called Sportsman's Club. When our Uber dropped us off, we had no idea where the entrance was. There was no sign above the door, but there were beautiful, big framed windows. Once inside, it was cozy and warm, dimly lit, with checker boards etched into the tables. Of course, any bar or restaurant with mounted animals makes me feel like home. Also, there was a beautiful back patio with a chimney for a fire and market lights. Of course, it's already too cold to be out there, but my new friend said that with the big front windows, it's probably really gorgeous to be cozied up inside when it's snowing out. I completely agree.


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