Weekend Recap: Donuts, Museums, Chicago Hot Dogs, and Water Taxi

We started the weekend with a walk to the train station, and just under our elevated train is a donut shop. We stopped in and grabbed two donuts, a lemon pistachio old fashioned, and a lemon curd. The lemon curd was delicious! Sometimes, filled donuts can be too sweet, but this was an incredible balance of sweet dough and the lemon filling was the perfect amount of tart.
↳From there we took the train downtown, and hopped off on State Street where the Thanksgiving Day parade will be (you can see the turkeys on the lamp posts). We saw some shops were already decorating for the holidays, and there were even some wreaths on the street signs. I can tell, this city is going to be gorgeous, even in below-zero degree weather.
↳We took a bus to Museum Campus and being that I get a discount at the hot dog stand, we stopped and S had his first Chicago style hot dog since moving here. I've been to the hot dog stand during my lunch break before and must say, I love the poppy seed bun. As you can see, the wind off the lake is having an effect on my hair. The wind is so intense this close to Lake Michigan!
↳We visited the Shedd Aquarium! Immediately upon walking up the stairs, all of the architectural details are ocean-themed! The lamps had lazy octopus' on top. The chandeliers had illustrations of various sea creatures illuminated by bulbs behind them. Love the squid and the sea horse!
↳There was a huge, circular Caribbean reef tank and a staff member was inside feeding the creatures. Pretty great job, yeah?
↳I loved seeing the beluga whales. They were just swimming freely in their tank. Some staff came over and fed them, rubbed their bellies, and the whales even played with a ball and other floating toys in the tank. They had the personalities of dogs!
↳One of the perks of working at a museum (besides complimentary admission to other city museums and discounts on Museum Campus food like hot dogs and Lake Michigan beach tacos) is a complimentary water taxi ride from Museum Campus to Navy Pier! The water taxi is run by Shoreline, and they also do an architecture river boat tour, which is one of the "touristy" things I did when I was visiting for my job interview. It was an amazing way to see the city and learn about the history! We caught one of the last water taxi rides of the season before they close up shop for the winter. And even though the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel is already torn down (in anticipation of a new one), the lighthouse on the lake and the sun setting behind the city skyline were great things to see.


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