Our Fair City: A Day Downtown

↳The view from the 96th floor of the Hancock building. You can pay to go to the 95th floor and look out from the observatory, which is a tilting glass window. Or, you can go to the lounge on the 96th floor and have a cocktail with your view.
↳It's obvious which we chose.
↳The clocks of the Marshall Field building, which is now a Macy's. I cannot wait to see this all decorated for the holidays. I'm a sucker for department store decorations. Mostly because growing up in New York, it's those decorations that help make me feel the holiday cheer. In Florida we don't get cold, we don't get fireplaces, and the department stores don't decorate like they do in New York.
↳The Architecture Biennial is going on in Chicago. Not only is the Cultural Center hosting an exhibition, but there are public architecture sculptures throughout the city.
↳Admission to the Cultural Center is free, so after breakfast with my dad when he was visiting, we popped in.
↳This display was a collection of abstract sculptures on a very small scale. If you look closely, you can see little white figures. It's meant to convey that the sculpture could be a huge installation for the community to enjoy in public spaces. There were other pieces made of staples, fibers, and other abstract form that would truly be incredible on a large scale.
↳The Cultural Center used to be the public library, and a lot of the building's architectural charm still exists, including a Tiffany glass dome in the reading room.
↳There was an exhibition inside of a small dark room composed of boxes, lights, and spider webs. It was pretty gorgeous and captivating.

In the past, I've done these "Our Fair City" posts for Orlando, Florida. Now that we live in Chicago, the tag will stay the same, it's just the setting that changes. The tag is a way for me to look back on the time that we explored our city.

My dad visited recently and we brought him to some Chicago institutions including:
  • •Big Star for tacos, micheladas, and mezcal margaritas in Wicker Park
  • •Small Cheval for the best cheeseburgers ever (I don't say this loosely) also in Wicker Park
  • •Garret's Popcorn for the caramel and cheese popcorn mix in The Loop
  • •Wasabi for ramen in Logan Square
  • •Wasabi is BYOB, so we took that opportunity to bring along some Chicago beer staples like Goose Island's 312 wheat and Off Color's Troublesome gose.
  • •Carriage House for southern comfort food (the best fried chicken on brioche) in Wicker Park 
  • •An Architecture Boat Tour downtown on the river
  • •And of course, he visited The Field Museum twice
We had breakfast together near his hotel before his flight, and since we were downtown, S and I decided to explore. We popped into the Chicago Cultural Center which is known for it's free admission and tours. We tagged along on the Architecture Biennial tour and then walked around downtown a little while the weather is still perfect.

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