My Week In Objects

Our bookcase has been crooked since we've moved in and we finally took the time to adjust it this weekend. Also, our museum sells a book called From Prairie to Field in the gift shop, which includes photos from our collections not on display. We swapped out our butterfly illustrations with some photos from the book of the birds in our collections. The swan wrapped up actually is on display in one of our permanent exhibitions, and it's a truly moving sight.
 ↳On a rainy morning, we set out for breakfast before antiquing in Roscoe Village. Sometimes, we're just really in the mood for pancakes. It was also a great way to start our day of antiquing and running errands (like buying a snow shovel).
Roscoe Village! It's wonderful how each and every neighborhood here has it's own personality. We explored Roscoe Village, popping into each antique shop. This particular antique shop had a great selection of furniture and art deco pieces! Also, in the window there was a greyhound statue that looked a little too pudgy to be a greyhound, but it was still regal. One day I hope to have my own greyhound statue, whether on my front porch or regally by our fireplace like Santa's blog post, it's another way to bring greyhound awareness and show support!
Then we found this watch and clock shop while exploring the antique shops. Inside, there were cases of pocket watches, walls of cuckoo clocks, and large grandfather clocks as well. I've been carrying around my double-faced watch with me even though the batteries died months ago. I've popped into various shops in the past and each one told me that they couldn't fix the watch for various reasons. One couldn't get the battery compartment open, another shop told me that they couldn't replace the band because T-pins are rare, etc. So finally, at Father Time Antiques, they were able to fix everything! Now I've got my watch looking brand new. Working events without a watch has been tedious, being that I would have to carry my phone with me everywhere, on top of a clipboard and radio.
↳With this cool weather, our dog loves to be outside! We took Mort for a long walk through Ukrainian Village.  The buildings are all so unique, and many have such gorgeous woodwork. It's name really does reflect the neighborhood - many Ukrainians still live there, and there are gorgeous old churches built like the cathedrals in Eastern Europe. On one residential street, we stumbled upon a church that was under renovations. An entire brick wall was blown out, blocked by a fence. Above the fence, we looked up and could see the various stained glass windows, and a lovely chandelier. It's wonderful to have these architectural splendors in our backyard.

I first saw this my week in objects feature on Reading My Tea Leaves.


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  1. What a cute little neighborhood. Those buildings are beautiful!

    1. i agree! i love walking around and just absorbing the architecture. it's such a welcome change from florida.

  2. That watch is lovely, I've always wanted to own one like that. Antique shopping can be so much fun. Also completely head over heels in love with the Ukranian Village, such a cute little neighbourhood!

    My Lovelier Days

    1. thank you diana! the watch is from urban outfitters years ago, but i love it so much i try to keep it nice. by the time i realized how much i loved the watch, i went to go a second one, just as back up! but unfortunately, they no longer sell it :(

  3. Such an awesome watch, and I love the style of those buildings!


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