My Week In Objects

↳This block. This city is so architecturally rich, I am inspired when walking the dog, walking to the train, and even walking to the grocery store. I love living in a city where I can take public transportation for exploring the city and day-to-day life. But I also love that I can have my car in this city and take day-trips on weekends to the rural parts of Illinois and bring my pup Mort to places like the dog beach which is too far to walk to. It the perfect balance. It also doesn't hurt that we are in one of the most food-rich cities in the nation. 
↳This pumpkin. Speaking of day-trips, our friends wanted to go to a proper pumpkin patch so we drove west through Illinois while listening to Sufjan Steven's Illinoise album. There were hills and trees and cornfields and it was really beautiful. The air was a little chilly, which was perfect for hot apple cider and hot cocoa when we got there. S opted for a large pumpkin to carve as it gets closer to Halloween. He had to carry it over his should, it was too big to wrap his arms around. I went for a handful of small and colorful gourds. I hope that they last for a Thanksgiving cornucopia like my mom used to have. After the pumpkin patch, our friends brought us to a brewery called 5 Rabbits. We went inside this warehouse, and in the corner was a bar where they made the tables and chairs from reclaimed wood and pipes. We tried everything they had on tap. When choosing, I let the brewer know that I don't typically enjoy hoppy beers. His reply? "Well, then you're going to love us." And I did. What I found was my favorite IPA in existence, 5 Grass. So smooth and hardly hoppy, with great flavor. We brought a six-pack home and I cannot wait to visit again.
↳This bae. In this weather he's super frisky and excited to be outside. He loves fall as much as we do. Once inside, he's super cuddly and sleepy. We brought him to a greyhound meetup to meet his greyhound neighbors! We drove to the suburbs and like always, he was amazing in the car. Sleeping silently until we got there. At the meetup, there were about 30 greyhounds and each one was sweeter than the rest. This one girl looked like Mort and she would just hang out next to me, leaning on my leg. Another boy was super friendly and playful, and I was surprised that Mort and him didn't hit it off. Instead, Mort just found comfort in being around other greys, like usual, and he was more interested in the people that he's never met and the doughnuts on the table. (Did I mention there was also wine for the adults? Best doggie date ever).
↳This other bae. S is so great. He's always there to do the dishes when I'm too tired to. He always lets me pick what to watch on TV after I make dinner (hint: it's normally something dramatic on Bravo...). He is always up for exploring our city. He's always up for ordering pizza when neither of us want to cook - and I love pizza. He always gives me the Reader's Digest version of the news when I'm not keeping up. And he always finds new podcasts, shows, and movies for us to enjoy (like this scary movie which is perfect for Halloween coming up and is also set at my museum!).
↳These ears. I was a bridesmaid for my maid of honor's wedding this past weekend. All of the bridesmaids received a matching pair of mouse ears, and the bride had a complimentary white one. The couple loves Disney World, so it was only fitting that we each receive our own mouse ears. But also, not only do I love the ears because they represent my best friend and the love that her and her husband share, but it also represents Orlando, a place I called home until recently. It's nice to have a little piece of my best friend, and my previous home.
↳This bride. I've known her longer than I've known S. She's been a part of our relationship longer than the relationship itself. She saw us fall in love and grow up together. I'm so glad that I was able to see her do the same. We spent the night before the wedding day with a bridesmaid sleepover. We watched Sex and the City and we all wore shorts with pizzas on them. It was truly a weekend full of love.
↳The next day, another friend was getting married.  The ceremony was in their backyard by a tree, the cocktail hour on their patio, and the reception was in the yard, shared by their kind neighbor who was sweet enough to offer the space. They hung up market lights and had their friend (who happens to be incredible) photograph the day. They walked down the aisle together to the ceremony, they served awesome drinks like moscow mules and German beer (the groom is German), and the meal was served family style, guests passing the platters of colorful food to each other and pouring the bottles of wine to their table-mates before serving themselves. We only knew the bride and groom and one other couple, but everyone we met that evening was fun, inspiring, and absolutely magnetic to be around. I should have known that an incredible couple like A² would be surrounded by equally inspiring friends. Photo credit to their photo-booth, Snap! Studio Booth.

I first saw this my week in objects feature on Reading My Tea Leaves.


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  1. Lovely photos. I really want to go to a pumpkin patch!

    1. it's not too late! my neighbors pumpkins are still going strong!

  2. So much of me severely misses Chicago, but does love the fact that San Francisco gives me a lot of the same things Chicago does with nicer weather. The city is ridiculously gorgeous, even in the most crowded and touristy places-- but a lot of tourists don't bother to look up. I hope you're enjoying the best of both worlds though, and it's so nice to see you doing so wonderfully in my favourite city.


    1. yes! i love looking up! is san fransisco as architecturally rich as chicago? i've never been so i'm not sure what to expect there. i know the view of the bridge and the water has got to be a beautiful sight on a sunny day!

  3. Replies
    1. it was so good seeing you too dt! i'm planning a longer visit in february and i hope to see you then!


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