Art Deco Design Tips for a Retro Bedroom

Chic, retro, and ultimately timeless, art deco is the latest interior design trend to re-emerge from the history books, bringing elements of art nouveau, cubism, and romanticism into your everyday. While it may be tempting to pick up a paintbrush in your living room, why not try to create a retro bedroom first, allowing you to experiment with color, patterns, and accessories in a room where your personality is king? In addition, a retro bedroom is a great place to relax, unwind, and feel truly at home, while allowing you to discover the person you could have been during the time of art and romance.

The Desirability of Art Deco
Inspired by the movement of the same name, interior art deco features bold patterns, geometric and angular shapes, shine and shimmer, the use of fabrics to create texture, stylized images of the everyday, nature motifs and theatrical elements, as well as bright and fresh concepts that were prevalent in the art of the era. Popular during the discovery of travel and tourism as a leisurely pastime, art deco also boasts exotic animal prints and patterns, which are currently bang on trend, and a real cosmopolitan feel as homeowners strive for European influences.

Incorporating Art Deco Into Your Home
Incorporating art deco into your home could not be simpler, particularly if you’re starting off with a relatively small space, such as your bedroom. First things first; don’t be afraid to show your individuality, or to experiment with colors and textures. After all, art deco is about personality and the design ideas that matter to you.

For example, rather than playing it safe with a matching bedroom suite, try bold, unique items that will stand out from one another, or add patterns and shapes in unexpected areas – if you’ve always fancied a wall hanging above your bed, go for it! Adding texture to your bedroom is also a great way to introduce an art deco feel, so consider throws, faux fur cushions, sumptuous rugs, or drapes.

You will soon learn what works in and around your bedroom, and perhaps even become a little more daring. Of course, while art deco is all about making a statement, you need to be consistent. Try not to mix and match too many patterns or colors, and if brightening your bedroom with accessories, keep the rest of your room neutral. The ways in which you choose to light your new retro bedroom should also be considered. Chrome light fittings are particularly fashionable, while window shutters are a great way to utilize natural sunlight and add sharp, edgy detail to your bedroom.

Choosing to stylize your bedroom need not break the bank. From wallpaper offcuts and single, statement accessories, to vintage items and reprinted posters, there are plenty of ways to add art deco touches to your bedroom without going overboard. Art deco is no longer a design choice for the elite, but a means of exploring a stylish era in your own bedroom. Despite its lengthy history, it is as fresh, modern, and inspired as ever – a fantastic way to stamp your personality throughout your home.

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  1. I love Art Deco! And the great thing is (at least in my area) I'm starting to find a lot of this furniture for cheap at garage sales! Great Post! :)

    1. I find that coming across art deco pieces are either hit or miss! Sometimes, I'll find something amazing, and other times - I'll find a piece that is definitely art decor, but not my taste at all! I still feel that when art deco is done right, it's done so beautifully and timeless!

  2. I don't think Art Deco style has ever been out! There are some many beautiful old Art Deco buildings all around the world. I absolutely love it. Would have liked to see some photos on here with your post.

    1. I'm glad you agree that it's never been out! I do feel like it's trendiness comes and goes. I've visited a few of the art deco buildings in my city, but oddly enough, I've only been during the evening so I don't have any clear, bright images with all of the incredible details!


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