Weekend Recap // Labor Day

We joined a local greyhound adoption group once we knew we were moving. We've been working with Greyhounds Only and they've been so helpful with suggesting veterinarians, dog sitters, as well as coordinating meet-ups! Another couple in the group reached out to us and we did a doggie date at the dog beach on Lake Michigan. It was Mordechai's first beach and I love visiting the lake - it's so beautiful! Growing up the last few years in Florida, we were surrounded by beaches, but Lake Michigan is a gorgeous body of water in a different way. I love being able to put my toes in the sand while seeing the grey city skyline in the clouds. Even though you can't see it, you know the other side of the lake are green forests, and it's a beautiful thought. 
I've been going to the same hairstylist in Orlando for years - she was my previous boss when I was a hairstylist and she is so talented. Not only have I trusted her with my hair for years, but she's a close friend, so every appointment was a catch-up session. I was so sad that I was losing that with the move. Luckily, I have a mutual friend in Chicago who is from Florida and is a hairstylist! So she knows the stress of moving and the emotions of missing family. I got my hair cut and colored by her this weekend, and I'm so pleased to know I have a hairstylist here that I can trust like I had in Orlando. 
A friend was visiting from Orlando this weekend and I love that our friends are already taking advantage of visiting us and visiting a new city at the same time. I love exploring the city with friends that are visiting - it feels like we are on vacation too!
We went with my friend to the Art Institute downtown. We had all been there once before, but the museum is so huge and it houses so many well-known artists that it's impossible to see them all in one trip. After hours of walking through galleries, my feet were killing me, but it was all worth it because there are really amazing pieces to be enjoyed. I adore the hall of impressionism paintings, all of the Rodin sculptures, and my favorite, American Gothic. One thing I saw this time that I had not seen previously was the hall of miniature dioramas. There were little windows that you look into with rooms setup like houses with incredible detail. The legs of the ornate furniture were so petite and detailed, all of the rest of the decor was so beautiful and true to the time period. My favorite was the diorama of a luxury carriage from the late 1800's that would take wealthy guests to the World's Fair. 

I'm so fascinated with the World's Fair here in Chicago back in 1893. I spent some time looking through the museum's archives the other day and was in love with all of the World's Fair memorabilia. It was incredible what those architects created, only 20 years after the fire! It's an amazing piece of history, and I'm surrounded by it by living here. In our archives are old World's Fair tickets that proudly declare, "Admit the Bearer." You can see them on our library's Flicker here. Another favorite from our archives is this octopus sculpture that debuted at the fair and now it's in one of our exhibits, right next to my office. Back then, people didn't have National Geographic introducing them to exotic animals. People from all over the world came to the fair, seeing some animals like that for the first times in their lives, and I get to admire it everyday. I could look through our archives for hours getting lost in the history.
We took our friend out for some delicious cocktails in Logan Square! Before indulging in some drinks, we started the night off with Chicago deep dish pizza - it was a first for S and I here! Oddly enough, our first date was at a Chicago-style deep dish pizza place back in Florida. Who knew that all these years later we would move here? As for true Chicago deep dish, it was really quite delicious. The place we went to didn't have too much cheese, but definitely enough to be gluttonous. Two slices and I was full. But, a quick walk to get some Stan's Donuts and I walked enough off for dessert.

For drinks, we started with Heavy Feather, a bar upstairs and inside of another bar. It's dim inside with 60's to 70's decor and music. Their cocktail menu has photos on it and the font that boasts the name, Heavy Feather, looks straight off of That 70's Show. The cocktails? Amazing. S got one called a Polished Nail with scotch and it smells like a leather couch on the freshly polished parquet floors of Versailles. My favorite is a Plum Gin Fizz which includes gin that is infused with plum, no artificial flavor there, and an egg white. So frothy, so refreshing.

Then we went to Scofflaw. I went there when I was in Chicago for my job interview. I went alone, sat at the bar for two hours writing in my journal about my trip. They make their own gin in-house and specialize in gin cocktails. This past year, gin has been my go-to. I ordered some cocktails like Gin + Electricity that comes with a huge, block ice cube and the drink is strong and delicious. I ordered some appetizers like goat cheese with a balsamic drizzle served with baguette toast. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The best thing about this place besides their gin cocktails? Complimentary fresh, warm, perfect texture chocolate chip cookies at midnight. Someone with a tray of heaven comes around with tongs, handing cookies to you as the clock strikes twelve. No, it's not a fairy-tale, it's just Chicago.


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  1. The Thorne rooms are my favorite part of the Art Institute! I'm so glad you are loving Chi-town! Check out Una-Mae's in Wicker Park... it's one of my favorite little boutiques :)

    1. ah yes they are so wonderful! it's crazy that i missed the entire section on my first visit to the institute! i've got una-mae's on my list, and so many more little boutiques over here! so much shopping and so little time!


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