Fall, Autumn, Harvest

My friend (and travel companion - we went to Paris together!) came to visit me in Chicago! I wanted to go apple picking once the air turned crisp, and I knew Abby would love to go too. We drove west, past the suburbs and past the farms. We went to Kuiper's Family Farm where they do apple picking in September, a pumpkin patch in October, and you can cut down your own Christmas tree in winter! The land was beautiful, surrounded by green hills and tons of trees. I cannot wait to see these leaves turn orange.
The farm told us what was in season that weekend, and they take you on a tractor ride through the orchard to the rows of ripe apples.  
We were given bags the size of 1/4 of a peck. Of course, we piled the apples high so that we could bring home as many as we could carry!
They also had apple cider donuts! Although the farm had many activities for children, they also thought about the adults. There was a bar for tasting the hard cider that they make on property! Unfortunately, the weekend that we went must have been a popular one because they were sold out. In the future, I can't wait to try some.
Definitely spent some time taste-testing the apples that were in season. The fujis and the cortlands were delicious this time of year! I hope to make an apple tart of some sort. I've already made apple crumble from a recipe that S's mom shared with me. Served with some vanilla gelato or greek yogurt, yum! Do you have any particular apple recipes that you love?
Abby is always dressed for the occasion! (Remember how chic she looked in Paris, all the time?) When Abby said that she was wearing plaid, I had to as well. 

I'm really thrilled to be in the north/mid-west for fall. One of the reasons I fell in love with blogging was the love of fall that many bloggers have. Not only that, but when I lived in Florida I was able to read northern or mid-western bloggers and follow their fall activities while I was still chasing mosquitoes away. Living in Florida for over a decade, the only times I would visit family in the north were during winter holidays or summer vacations. I haven't had a proper fall in years. Thinking back, the last true fall I can remember is being in elementary school in New York. My brother and I would walk to school, and the leaves were always big maple-shaped, bright orange, and really crisp like the air. Leaves fall in Florida, but they never crisp up, just like the wind barely chills the air there. Because fall feels like it was another lifetime ago, I'm really excited to add to the little glimpses of fall memories that I have.

I think the reason I appreciate fall so much is because it comes and goes so quickly. Even when I was younger, I remember the leaves turning orange one week, and then they were crunching on the ground the next week. Even though we'll soon have to break in our new winter coats and find our wool socks, it will be new traditions of my old favorite things that I grew up with. Our landlord told us about the antiquing district of Chicago where I can't wait to uncover some treasures. And Mordechai's Aunt Beth (his pet-sitter in Orlando) is from Wisconsin and I'm already dreaming up the drive through the cheese-trail and cabin vacations. Hello fall! Remember me?


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