3 Essential Apps for Living in Chicago

Transitioning to a new city is never easy, especially when the city is so different from what you’re used to! Often we need all the help we can get in getting to know this new place, and so we ask local friends, consult maps and travel guides, and take the time to explore the city before we actually move.

Thankfully, however, there are several different apps that can help you not just explore Chicago, but live in the city, without fear of getting lost. We’re not just talking about how some of Chicago's major news outlets are already hard at work developing and releasing mobile apps so readers and viewers can stay in touch with local news. As the owners of mobile gaming portal Iceland Bingo have said, growth in mobile internet is among the strongest trends on the internet landscape today, and more and more people are relying on their phones for easier access to information. This has given rise to apps that put a wealth of information in the travelers’ hands, including:

1. iTrans Chicago CTA Not everyone drives in a big city, and those who want to take advantage of Chicago’s public transportation system can make use of iTrans Chicago CTA, a handy app that gives you easy access to train schedules and train stations so you never get lost while taking the train again. It includes live departure times, easy transfers, and alerts you of service disruptions, all on the go!

2. GrubHub Having been established in Chicago, GrubHub is perhaps the most useful when trying to get takeout or delivery from within the city. All you need to do is input your address, and a list of nearby restaurants will show up. You can then order food right from the app itself, or go out and visit the place – useful options for people who have just moved to the city. The delivery option is most useful in the winter when it's too cold to go out for a quick dinner.

3. Chicago Free & Frugal They say that the best things in life are free, and that’s probably most true for Chicago, with its wealth of museums and art shows. Chicago Free & Frugal puts together a list of all the great sights that can be seen and experiences that can be had for cheap, or for free! It’s one of the few apps you’ll ever need to be able to see Chicago.

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