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Paris, I will never get sick of seeing photos of you.
Every change we got, we ate cheese and charcuterie. Also, my favorite red wine region is Cotes du Rhones. In America, few restaurants have a Cotes du Rhones wine on the menu. In Paris, nearly every place we went had one to drink, and I always chose it. 
One thing my friend wanted to do was buy some flowers from the market for our apartment. We picked round pink flowers and white veronica, one of my favorite flowers.
This spot.
This view.
This light.
There were moments, many moments, that we spent in the opera house all alone. We tested out so many seats, finally finding our favorites, the cozy little booths on the top floor, at the end of the opera boxes, facing the stage. They were intimate, cozy, and had a great view.
I had to visit Pont de Bir-Hakiem, it's so beautiful! An incredible architecture style. 
"Yelle in Repose" ...on the metro.
Midnight in Paris, on the banks of the Seine, having a champagne picnic.
Locals told us to go to the Caveau Des Oubliettes for some great jazz. We caught an avant-garde group the night we went and it was a great combination of drums and sax with some background instruments. 
My new "leather" jacket that I bought on one of our last days, for a steal. It was only 20 euro, which is a great deal considering this jacket definitely brings me 20 euro worth of happiness. The last time I went to Paris I focused on immersing myself into the city and the culture. One thing I didn't do was shop. This time, any boutique that looked cute or had something lovely in the window, we'd stop in and look around. Not only did I bring back many delicious and edible treats like moutarde, butter, and a baguette (hah!) but I was able to bring back a few lovely blouses! Now whenever I wear those tops, I feel like I'm really carrying a little piece of Paris with me, in my heart and on my sleeve. 

Things may look a little different around here. With the help of Labina, I updated my theme. I went with a header image that has a little more city in it. Let's face it, I've been feeling like a nomad a lot these days. I still haven't completely unpacked yet! Isn't summer supposed to be relaxing?


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  1. Living vicariously through your photos! Just gorgeous. I know what you mean about carrying a little piece of Paris with you through your clothing--I bought a pair of shoes in Germany and wore them all over the the time I left, they were nearly falling apart, but I've saved them in a box in my closet and will never throw them out ;)

    Hope your summer is continuing to be full of life, friend!

    1. That's so sweet about the German shoes! I have a pair of boots from Italy and because I rarely wear them, they're still going strong! It was about 10 years ago that I bought them, and my dad must have persuaded me to get a size larger than usual because they still fit!

  2. Those photos look magical! What camera/lens were you using? I'm incredibly jealous, don't think I'll ever get to Paris but I've always wanted to go. P.S. thanks so much for linking up with the Collective!

    1. Thanks! Surprisingly, it's a lovely little point and shoot camera that I was using: Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS.

  3. These are gorgeous photos! So glad you were able to make it back to a city you love and bring home some goodies too. Also I love the new header!!


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