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  1. What a lovely little film! Thank you for takig us along with you. :)
    The thing I miss the most about living in France are the chocolatines and croissants. Watching you guys eat them made me crave them even more!

    Charlotte | The Midnight Blog

    1. Yes the croissants! Every day! I wish I could eat a croissant here everyday but they are NOT as good, quel dommage!

  2. What is the text equivalent of the heart-eyes emoji? Or the verbal translation of drooling? Because, damn girl. That gave me all the feels! That piano player is still outside of Opera! I loved him last year. I'm just so happy for you about this trip! You have to make it a recurring thing ;) xo

    1. Yes - I love how often you make time to go! It's really fulfilling, and I am so glad I was able to get a little week's taste of Paris this year. xo


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