Our Travels | New Orleans | part trois

On our way back to the house we were renting, we caught a second line! The wedding tradition in New Orleans is that after the ceremony, the bride and groom lead their own personal parade with their weddings guests following them and a live band. It's magnificent. 
That night, we signed  up for a ghost and vampire tour. The tour I went on during my previous visit was a haunted history tour. We heard fun things about the ghost tour, so we decided to try it. It was so fun hearing the tales and stories about spooky happenings and crime from the past. There were stories of windows boarded up with 800 silver nails blessed by cardinals of the Catholic church in Italy. And stories of two brothers that were convicted murderers, put to death and cremated, only to find their tombs empty of ashes. There are reports of sightings of these two men, centuries after their death, committing more crimes... ::Shivers::
We, of course, visited Cafe du Monde for some chicory coffee and beignets. They are delicious little puffs of heaven. 
Like the oysters, another must-have-meal on our list was a crawboil. We walked toward the river and found a stall in the French Marketplace that was serving up fresh crawfish. I've had crawfish in Orlando multiple times, and the last time they were really small and a bit muddy-tasting. This time, it was exactly what crawfish were supposed to taste like. Their tails were huge and delicious. 
A museum on my must-visit list this time was the Pharmacy Museum in the French Quarter. The history of this once operational pharmacy was incredible. All of the little things that were first created in pharmacies were so interesting, like soda machines, tonic created onsite so that bitter medicine tasted better.
For our last dinner, we had nowhere specific in mind. Our friend looked up an African restaurant and it was a great choice. We asked if they had a drink menu, and our kind server let us know that they don't serve alcohol. She said we could go across the street to Verti Marte, buy a six pack, and drink it with dinner. We later returned to Verti Marte to enjoy an "All That Jazz" sandwich on our car-ride home. Everything about this is making me hungry!

Lastly, it's been weeks since I've posted! I meant to schedule this before I left for Paris, but alas, life got in the way. I hope you were following along on Instagram, because my sweet and adorable friend "A" and I explored my favorite city! And if you have Snapchat, my username is TENDERROOTS and I shared the gorgeous streets of Paris. Photos, video, and a proper post to come. 


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  1. Awesome pictures! I can't wait to go visit now! These pictures make me wanna lick the screen...of course i'm talking about the food ones haha.

    1. Haha, thanks! It's a wonderful city, one I would be happy visiting every year!

  2. Gosh I was just thinking today about how badly I wanted to go to New Orleans. This made the desire so much stronger. I haaaaave to go on the ghost tour. Awesome pictures!


    1. Yes - no matter how touristy the idea of a ghost tour is, you'll learn a lot of history! Plus, walking around with a drink, it's fun history!

  3. i think i would love new orleans based on the crawfish alone. man that looks good! and i would LOVE to go on a ghost tour there. we did that in savannah once and it was really fun. xoxo

    1. When I went to Savannah I didn't go on a ghost tour and I regret it! I suppose I'll just have to visit again and do that! Savannah is so charming, and New Orleans is so fun!


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