Our Travels | New Orleans | part deux

NOLA, part two out of three! There are endless amazing photos and fun things that I want to share. Here, we visited the aquarium! 

We called this a "slow motion underwater ballet."

View from Jackson Square.
Fried oysters and pork benedict and bloody mary's. We had this brunch at Stanley's and oh my, delicious. 
We also went to the insectarium! At my own museum we had one of the bug exhibits as our traveling exhibit when I first started working there so I most definitely wanted to see it. Plus, if you know me, I love bugs. 
I like to think that these cockroaches are having a casual dinner party. 
Spooky spider.

And how beautiful are these insect displays? I set the first collection as my desktop background and it is the most gorgeous sight. 
A live atlas moth!!! ::Shivers::
S had mentioned off-hand about going to a John Besh restaurant. I figured we would need reservations and that it would be expensive, and we weren't planning anything the whole time. We had a list of things we wanted to see and whatever we felt like doing at that moment, we did it. We all decided that we wanted oysters. And when I saw oysters, I mean we wanted dozens upon dozens of raw oysters and drinks. I found a place online listed as having one of the best happy hours: 75 cent oysters and half off drinks. I brought us there and while they readied a table for the five of us, we noticed the magazine articles on the walls... the small print under the restaurant name... "LUKE | A John Besh Restaurant" 

We started with 4 dozen raw oysters and were impressed with the half off cocktails and champagne. What could be more decadent than getting raw oysters and champagne for a steal? After that, we had another 4 dozen raw oysters and I'm pretty certain that our kind server brought us some extra, just because. It was one of the best meals, which is so hard to chose because all of the meals were amazing.

Lastly, Bacchanal. The definition of bacchanal is an occasion of wild and drunken revelry. That, we did have. After dinner on Frenchmen St, where all the jazz clubs were, we hailed a taxi and sailed to the Bywater. We thought about walking it, but on our way through the window we saw the graffiti, lamp-less streets, and quiet sidewalks, so we were glad we thought differently. Already having a good time, our drinks sloshed in our seats on our way to Bacchanal, a wine and cheese store. 

At Bacchanal, you enter into the storefront where there are racks of stacked wine bottles and coolers full of a vast variety of cheese. You pick your wine, and you pick your cheese, and they'll create a cheese plate for you of baguette slices, nuts, olives, jams, and little pickles. The rest is up to you; grab a table by the band or inside a cozy corner, grab your wine glasses, your ice bucket, your water cups, etc. The rest of the agenda is to converse, eat, drink, and laugh. 

I looked at everyone's pleased faces in the dim lighting, our tummies full of delicious cheese and the wine having it's effect on us, making us silly throughout the night. We were all really content. This place was new to us, in a city foreign to us, and yet we found our home. We discussed how much Orlando needs a place like that (any investors?) and we should have known then that it would be a place we visit twice. 

At the end of the night, we waited outside for our cab to hurry back to us. In true southern fashion, the evening rains came. We ran across the street toward the abandoned naval base and ducked under a gazebo to keep dry. From our phones, we played hip hop and sang along. We had our souvenir mug from earlier in the evening, a flashing skull, as our disco ball. We joked up some DJ names for each of us and climbed into the cab, sorry to already say goodnight to this evening. 


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