We are already back from New Orleans and what a needed trip. As always, it went by too fast. I have plenty of photos to share! Instead of taking any video this time to make a little film, I mostly enjoyed the moments for what they were, and the company of our friends.

We're home and I'm still listening to the jazz bands we heard on Frenchmen St. Orlando has recently received a bike share program. We walk two blocks to the pizza place where the closest bikes are, enter our account number on the solar powered machine, and spin around downtown. We can drop off the bikes at the movie theater to see a film, or at the bar to grab a drink. We have our own bikes, sure, but S has actually had three or four (can't even keep track) bikes stolen in Orlando since he's lived here. We like our bikes too much to risk losing them downtown. 

My friend and I have been sending each other links to things we want to do in Paris when we meet there. After a week, we hadn't heard back from our host, the owner of our apartment. We searched around the internet for another apartment, feeling the deja vu stress of looking for a place to stay with less than a month before we depart. Will what's left be in a safe neighborhood? How close is it to the river? Will our host accept the reservation or is it already booked? Thankfully, last minute, we were able to change our apartment in Paris. Our new host answers emails within minutes and is very forgiving of my French grammar mistakes. The best part? We're still in Le Marais, my favorite arrondissement, we're closer to the river, and lastly, we're blocks away from the last apartment I rented there. I know exactly where the metros are and where those lines take us, I know where the closest grocery store is and the best shops for baguettes in the morning and macarons in the afternoons. I've already started planning the near-impossible hike to Chateaux Vaux le Vicomte. Last time, a local bookshop owner told S and I we had to go spend an evening at the chateaux where they light the grounds with thousands of candles, play live music, pour champagne, and light fireworks. They say it puts a visit to Versaille to shame. However, S and I visited in May and the late night shuttle was not running that month. Now, my friend and I will be visiting in June and we can visit! We'll have a little romantic girls night. The hard part is getting on the correct speed train, transferring to a shuttle, and then catching the last shuttle back to the train station, fifteen minutes after the fireworks show ends. It seems a little hectic, but this time I am determined.

Lastly, I have felt so uninspired lately, to write on my blog, to read your blogs, to comment, etc. Instead I've been immersing myself in thriller novels like The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl. It's a new genre for me and I'm enjoying it more than I expected! I have to say, the majority of books I've read this last year have had some sort of mystery unfold in them. I can now see the appeal of those $1 paperback mystery novels. Back to being uninspired... I lost sight of the direction of this blog. It's category is personal, right? Lifestyle is general enough too. Is that why I have such a hide time figuring out what to share on a post versus what to post as just a photo on Instagram? I've bene trying to hone in on my category, to better come up with specific blog posts. But I don't only want to write about travel, and I don't only want to write about food, and I most definitely don't only want to write about Orlando, because there is so much more of the world I want to see. I've realized that I just want to write about what I know. Draw what you see, write what you know, don't they say that? The one thing that inspired me recently was reading your blogs. Just reading your lives and your feelings and about your days and seeing photos of little moments has continually inspired me to come back to my own blog and share my thoughts and my current life happenings. So, thanks. Thanks for sticking around while my radar is quiet, and thanks for inspiring me to continue this blog. 


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