On Being Selfish

I did something really selfish for the first time in a really long time. I'm an event planner by day, so naturally I make lists and budgets and generally plan things out before following through with them. Earlier this week, I booked a last minute flight to Paris. 

I didn't get a good deal, but I did get double the miles on my travel credit card. I've been saving miles for Japan which is on the horizon for the next cherry blossom season. 

It could have been my Timehop showing me that I was in Paris five years ago in May that persuaded me.
It could have been the fact that I've been incredibly busy at the museum and while in May I've been traveling 100 miles per hour, June is so dead that its the perfect time to go. 
It could have been the simple "long shot" invitation from my friend that is studying abroad in England, because when else in my life will I get to take a girls trip to Paris?
It could have been reasoning that all my credit cards are paid off and what else is the point of saving if not to travel?
But I really think it was just a selfish moment. I want Paris to myself and I want it now. I also think that it was pretty reckless; dropping that kind of money on a plane ticket is very unlike me. But I made a budget and including the apartment, the transportation, and daily baguettes and wine, I'll make it work. We always do, don't we? And maybe being that the last time I did something spontaneous was years ago, a midnight road trip with a friend, I'm thinking it was time to be spontaneous again because when else can I do this if not at 25?

All I know is that I'm going and it feels so very necessary to be selfish, and reckless, and spontaneous sometimes.

My friend and I already have an apartment in the local's area of Le Marais, Bastille, and Oberkampf. I remember when I was there last, we stayed close to Le Marais and it was one of my favorite areas to walk through. So many trendy shops, sidewalk cafes, museums nearby, and a really central location. This time, we're a little closer to Oberkampf, where I remember the locals going at night. We already have plans to visit the places we each missed during our first visits, and this time I'm prepared with a credit card that has a chip in it so that I can finally rent a Velib bike to ride around freely there. We'll have a week together, and I'm already refreshing up on my high school/college French textbooks. Erin, any tips for girls that are revisiting Paris? It's hard to decide what to revisit and what to try that's new!

Photo is of me, in Paris, 5 years ago. We were at Versaille and it was freezing. We sat on the steps with a view of the lake ahead and a view of the local's apartments to the left. We ate our sandwiches and I remember the wind was so cold on my cheeks. This was my blog back then.


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  1. I love this post so much, and kudos to you for the spontaneous trip! I will also be in Paris in June with a friend (and we are seeing a friend who is also studying in England), but we weren't as spontaneous since we've been saving/planning since November.

    I did not know about needing a card with a chip to use the Velib bikes. My cards don't have chips, so hopefully I can get something squared away before I leave. Otherwise, walking/Metro it is!

    Also, I'm jealous of where your apartment is located. We found a nice AirBNB in the 10th (right off Belleville Metro stop) so it's still a good area, but I would have loved to be closer to the river.

    Have a wonderful trip!

    1. thank you jenna! i hope to follow along on your trip as well! we actually changed our apartment at the last minute bc we had not heard from our host! our new location is even closer to the river! you'll be happy in the 10th - an easy walk to the river!

  2. Sometimes we need to be selfish. I don't think it's a bad thing at all. Sometimes we just need to go and do that thing that we want to and it's good for us to indulge our spontaneous side occasionally. I hope you have an awesome time and I think budgeting wine in is something I need to do for whenever I go anywhere :)

    1. i've learned it's not a bad thing. but it took me some convincing since these past few years i've been all about doing the "responsible" thing!


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