Vlog: Second Day with my Cousin Around Orlando

This week with my cousin has been so nice. It started with both of us visiting our grandparents and ended with us attending a wine and art walk around the neighborhood. It was very much a "staycation" for me as I got to show my her around my favorite places. 

It was perfect getting to spend quality time together to catch up on her study abroad trip to London and her other European travels while she was there. Like I mentioned in the last post, I watch quite a few YouTubers that live overseas, namely London. We chatted about places she had loved while she was there and places that I now could recognize in her photos simply because of the vlogs that I watch. 

Here's our second day in Orlando. I hope you enjoy our little exploring the town as much as we did! 


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  1. awwww! How fun!! I love tooling around Orlando.

    1. me too me too! i love showing my home to loved ones!

  2. These are so fun! We live in a resort city too, and each summer Cal and I (my husband is less interested) try to do some of the more touristy things our area has to offer. We tend *not* to prefer the resort area of our oceanfront with the crowds and the endless tee-shirt shops. But! Somedays you just need putt putt golf and a dolphin watching cruise. And sometimes, I'll drag Neel to a certain restaurant and he'll admit that it really is pretty good. ;)

    1. i almost considered bringing my cousin to a theme park but i knew we were limited on time and theme parks are such a time suck! but it is so great that we live in such a hot commodity destination so that family and friends can visit and take advantage of that!


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