My First Vlog: My Cousin Visits

I've been reading blogs for years bur only in the last year have I come across YouTube videos in which people carry around their cameras with them on their daily adventures. I particularly love watching (and making) travel videos but lately I've enjoyed watching daily vlogs of YouTubers. I tend to watch many vloggers that live in London, and I think it is mainly because I get a little snippet of someones daily life in a different country. 

My cousin came to visit for her spring break and we decided to vlog our days together! Here is the first two days, hope you enjoy! Lots of giggles ahead...

Also, thanks to the ladies behind Girls With Glasses for the feature of my blog! Tender Roots made site of the day, check it out here!


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  1. I really need to get into vlogging! I loved your video, Yelle. :)

    A lot of the vloggers I watch are from England as well. Like Fleur De Force and Essie Button. I really need to find vloggers in the States.

    And P.S. I am kicking myself for not really vlogging my NOLA trip and my England trip from last year. Epic fail! (Is that still a thing?! Lol)

    1. I will be in NOLA at the end of May! I will most definitely vlog for the both of us! I agree, you totally should have. My favorite vlogs are travel ones!

  2. Hearing your voice (for the first time?? is that possible??) made me love you even more! With blogs it's so easy to hear a blogger's voice in your head and not realize you don't actually know how they sound, but you sound exactly like I imagined! Only cuter! Because that laugh you had at the beginning? Infectious and adorable. The only downside is that now I want some creme brûlee gelato and pistachio macarons! So happy you had such a fun time with your cousin. xo

    1. oh my is it strange that i find that a relief? i too can hear your voice, and christines, and other favorite reads. and yet i've never heard your voice in real life! i am so glad i sound just like you imagined! it's kind of comforting to finally know, is it not?


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