Thursday, May 08, 2014

Anniversary Party

Thursday, May 08, 2014
Last weekend we invited friends over to celebrate one  year of marriage with us! Our anniversary was just an excuse to have our closest friends over for eating and drinking. I spent the day the before our party setting up our tables, chairs, plateware, and prepping the food. I cooked as much as I could the day before, leaving the day of to only warm the appetizers in the oven and slice the fruits and veggies for the others. 
Two days before our party, we celebrated quietly together, enjoying a dinner of just cheese and crackers. Not just any cheese, but Langa La Tur, a soft cow, sheep, and goat cheese that is probably the only cheese I spend that much money on. To drink, we opened our last bottle of wine from South America, a sparkling wine made in the champenoise style from the winery we stayed at in Brazil. 
I think it was a perfect dinner. Simple, delicious, and celebratory. 
As friends began arriving mid-day, we ate a local favorite for lunch, and I began my chopping, slicing, and assembling. I chose appetizers that were easy to assemble and quick to bake including tons of crostini and tarts. And of course, crackers, cheez-its, and nuts to accompany them. 
I fried carrot fritters with a chipotle cream to top them, I baked cous cous cakes that were soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, I baked an apple and caramelized onion tart, as well as pear, goat cheese, and balsamic tarts for dessert. For the crostini, there was caprese crostini, cucumber hummus crostini, and olive tapenade hummus crostini. 
Not only that, but there were punches and classic champagne coups to drink the punch out of! 
I bought flowers from a wholesale florist that we work with including ranunculus, snap dragons, amaranth, and hydrangeas. There is also a balloon vendor that we work with at the museum and we ordered 50 black helium balloons with long gold ribbon! It was S's idea and it made for a full and fun living room. It was definitely a statement piece as guests entered our home. 

I made two punches. One was a gin, lemonade, and cucumber juice punch with a cucumber and lemon ice block! I was very proud of my homemade cucumber juice and my first successful ice block. That punch was definitely the more manly (read: stronger!) of the two punches. 

The other punch was vodka based, with grapefruit juice and topped with champagne. It was pink and girly and refreshing. I froze some green grapes to keep the punch cool without diluting the flavor. 

We always have deer antlers around our apartment as decor, but we added EXTRA antlers around our home, telling our guests to take them as they please! We used them in our wedding decor and after having 25 pounds of antlers in the closet, I was happy to give them away. They were like our party favors!

Lastly, here is my brother and I. I didn't snag a photo of me and S, but that's okay. We have plenty of time all these anniversaries ahead of us, right? Cheers to the first! 

Thursday, May 01, 2014


Thursday, May 01, 2014
This week is so many milestones. I suppose I'll start at the beginning. Seven years ago on April 28th, S and I met for the first time. Through flirty Myspace messages, exchanging numbers, and subtle texting, a week later, I kept an eye out for a boy on a bike with a red beanie. We planned to meet at an Invisible Children event that raises awareness about displaced children in Uganda. 
We met at 28* 36' 28" N, 81* 11' 43" W, at our Alma mater's soccer field where we slept on cardboard boxes and ate saltine crackers, like the children do. I walked to the edge of the soccer field to collect the big bottle of water, balancing it on my head, like the mothers do. We slept with our sleeping bags side by side that night, and the next day I dropped him off at his dorm, listening to his favorite songs on my way home. 
Three days later, after watching a movie in my bedroom, we were in front of my house at night. It was seven years ago today that we kissed and he asked me to be his. I feel like it was ages ago but I can remember my emotions like it was yesterday. 
And it was only last year that we celebrated our marriage, one day after I graduated college - the place where we met. It all goes back to these coordinates. They mean so much to me. I confided in a friend once about the importance of these numbers to me, and for our wedding day, she gave me a gorgeous set of stemless wine glasses with the coordinates elegantly etched.
This Monday, seven years after we met, we celebrated with a chilled bottle of a Malbec rose wine that we brought home from Argentina. I cooked S one of his favorite dishes, pasta carbonara, but this time with squid ink pasta. It was delicious and I have to say, one of the best times I made it. 
Tonight will be quiet. No going out to eat, just a bottle of champagne from Brazil and tidying up the house for our visitors this weekend and our anniversary party. Not sure what else to say when I'm feeling so sentimental, so I'll end it here with I am so looking forward to celebrating with friends, again. 
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