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I've always loved the handwritten word. I jump at any chance to have a pen pal. I've had some form of online blog since I could remember such as LiveJournal, Xanga, Tumblr, and formed friendships through the miles. I've had a diary or journal since elementary school, and I have a stack of bound books in chronological order to prove it. In a fire, after S and Mordechai, important documents, childhood treasures, etc, it's those stacks of journals that I go back for if I could. Although I blog online, I still hand write in my journals. And although I email all day at work, I still love sending handwritten notes and cards.

I've blogged about our retired racing greyhound adoption process, and I wanted to take the time to appreciate a very special volunteer at GPA GO. Joan was always quick to answer my numerous questions, spend time talking with us during our kennel visits, and never rushed us when it came time to pick only one out of all the wonderful greyhounds. Someone as  dedicated and kind as she, deserves so much more than a handwritten note, so with the help of Treat, I was able to create a card with a portrait of Mordechai.

Treat reached out to me about my photographs, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to give a thank you card and a post-adoption photo of Mordechai to Joan. I love the card and think it came out perfect for her. I am so pleased with the quality since it's made of thick paper and has a matte finish. I opted to leave the inside blank so that I could hand write my thoughts, but I could have added another photo of Morty, or some typed words inside.

We make sure to walk Mordechai in the morning and in the evening together, our little family tradition. We have the rest of Mordechai's life to create more traditions together, but it was with the help of Joan that Mordechai is part of our family. Every day with Mordechai, feeding him, playing with him, petting him, hugging him, couldn't be a part of our lives unless it was for Joan. For that, we are so thankful.

This post is a sponsored review for Treat.com. However, all of my opinions are my own and I stand by this brand. You can see more about my disclosure policy here


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  1. i love the card you made, it's such a great picture! mordechai always looks so darn happy, you guys are doing a good job and were obviously the best people for him. his face is just too sweet it melts my heart. xo

    1. thank you christine! i love it too! i think i may have to order a print of that for myself as well!

  2. Love that personalized card! Mordechai must be so happy with his new home and family! <3 I look forward to reading future posts about new traditions & adventures with him. :)

    1. thanks melissa! he is such a happy dog with his tail always wagging. :)


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