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Some update time! First off, I've updated my about me page since it's been the same since I adopted the name, Tender Roots. I had to add Mordechai to the introduction of course. I hope you like it!

These past few days have all about getting to know our boy, Mordechai. He makes me proud every day with how quickly he learns the routine and how sweet he is to strangers and other dog breeds. I'll have an update on him soon enough, and photos too because I can't help but photograph all of his "firsts".

In other news, I just received my third pair of Firmoo glasses and I am excited to share how fun they are! Firmoo reached out to me about sending me a pair of my choice to review and I thought it was time for a fun pair. I own many tortoise shell glasses these days, but these Firmoo ones also have a fun twist to them. I find that tortoiseshell is a chic pattern, complimentary color to my features, and versatile with my outfits.

My second pair of Firmoo glasses were actually my wedding day glasses which you can see here. Those too were a great pair of tortoiseshell frames. Whether the glasses are trendy or timeless, I find that Firmoo always has great prices for prescription glasses. This helps a girl like me who is always interested in widening her variety of [tortoiseshell] frames.

I currently wear a pair of dark, tortoiseshell frames from a local shop in Winter Park, FL which are great for everyday use in the office. However, these Firmoo glasses came just in time for me to sport something a little quirkier than my every day office ones. I'm finding that the aesthetic of these new frames compliment my clothes wonderfully. I normally go for something neutral on my face because 90% of the time, I'm wearing black or grey clothes. A neutral pair of glasses compliments everything I wear and I love tortoise shell because it's a little fun and refined at the same time. This pair of glasses are extremely light weight, but a little too wide. However, Firmoo's website lists the measurements of each frame and allows you to upload a photo of yourself to virtually try them on. This new pair is even more fun with the half beige bottoms, which create this lovely illusion of bottomless frames. It opens up my face a little, while adding a strong frame under my brows.

Firmoo also offers a first-pair-free program, here, you just pay shipping. If you're interested in even just trying their brand out, that is a fantastic way to start. I took advantage of that deal for my first pair of Firmoo glasses which I bring with me when I travel as a great back-up option in case something should happen to my glasses.

Firmoo is offering the first 5 readers $30 off of their Classic Series. You are welcome to use the code TENDERROOTSBLOGS4 which expires September 10th, 2014, all you have to do is cover shipping.

This post is a sponsored review for Firmoo.com. However, all of my opinions are my own and I absolutely stand by this brand. You can see more about my disclosure policy here


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  1. i really love those glasses on you! i love the shape and the colors.

    can't wait to read more about your puppy dog! xo

    1. thank you christine! they are so fun. with certain outfits they don't work, but with many of my clean line outfits they are great!

  2. Those glasses look so pretty on you. :) Also, I like the update on your "About Us" page, your dog is so cute!

    1. thank you melissa! and i think he is so cute too! but i'm bias :)


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