Currently // 2

eating // homemade proscuitto. my dad visited new york and caught up with our old neighbor who hunts. they gave my dad a delicious treat and i've got some now to enjoy with all of our cheese.

drinking // white wine, chardonnay. i know - me, white wine? but it is florida summer and too hot for red wine. 

practicing //  how to be myself. normally, i am a people-pleaser. but  sometimes, all i want is to fully accept how i don't have to please everyone, just myself. 

mastering // how to think like a dog so that i can train my dog. he is such a good boy though, we only need to work on him chewing somethings that he shouldn't. he's a three year old puppy! 

learning // how to delegate. i have this mentality that i can do everything [at work] and it takes more effort for me to set things aside to delegate to my team, rather than doing it myself. however, i'm still learning, and i'm so happy to have this experience and learn these skills. 

finishing // decorating the house. everything is in place and we've had numerous friends and family over. the house feels so complete and whole-hearted with our loved ones here. even mordechai is playful and friendly when our dearest come over; i sense that he enjoys them too.

reading // the perfume collector. a story about a woman in england who inherits a large sum of money from a lady in paris that she has never met. her quest to learn about this lady introduces her to the world of perfume. i love reading about the scents of perfume more than i enjoy smelling them. i find the descriptions to be a sort of poetry that i can smell. it's incredible. 

enjoying // walking mordechai in the mornings while the grass is still dewy and the shaded sidewalks cool and the brick roads are quiet. sometimes we pass the neighborhood cats eating their breakfast, and sometimes we feel a cool breeze hinting at autumn ahead. 

listening // to relaxing mellow-fi music like tycho. it really puts my pup to sleep. 

walking // five to six times a day with mordechai! of course, not all are long due to this hot weather. but even getting outside for five minutes under the trees and among the flowers, it's refreshing. 

needing // mordechai was adopted from GPA GO and it was his home for nine months. their kennel is in need of a new roof and they've started a campaign to raise the funds. it was because of them that he's with us today and they nursed him back to health after he broke his leg. if you can donate, i'm sure all the pups would be so thankful! 

wearing // my laite jewelry necklace. kristyn's entire collection is minimalist and gorgeous,  and lays daintily on the skin. 

cooking // meat and produce from a local farm marketplace with incredible prices and a vast selection. i go there for our organic chicken and the fruits and veggies that are in season. the pineapple and watermelon have been a favorite of mine for breakfast these days. we sampled some sweet black figs and juicy rambutans. i also purchased romanesco for the first time! i put it in a quiche for a picnic and it was like broccoli, but prettier. 

wondering // will it ever be fall? i am so ready for fall traditions and winter holidays! i think mordechai will enjoy the weather and festivities when it comes time! 

working // and about to get so busy! event season is coming up and i am so excited to have a change of pace. 

travelling // to new york and new jersey in october for a wedding. wedding season is really upon us with five weddings in a span of three months.

smelling // black pepper buttermilk biscuits that s made over the weekend and warming up in the oven. can we make sunday biscuits a tradition?

thinking // that there is nothing cuter than when s comes home and mordechai gets up, stretches his long legs, all the while wagging his tail. these little moments of my two favorite boys make me smile every day.

I originally saw this currently feature on Joy Felicity Jane.


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  1. What a cute post! & I love that you are currently practicing how to be "yourself". Many times, I think we focus on pleasing others before even trying to do things that please ourselves, so it's always important to dedicate time for yourself :)

    1. i find it harder and harder to be myself, especially being surrounded by others most of the time. i find that the presence of others definitely influences our own behaviors. it's difficult to stay true to yourself these days.

  2. that tree is amazing! is that near by your new house? i have the same problem at work. over the years i learn to delegate more. i'm better at it now but still need to practice more. nice post

    1. the tree is near our house! on early mornings no one is there so it's a nice little retreat. most of our neighborhood is shaded by trees, which is perfect for walking our dog. now we're always on the hunt for shaded areas!

  3. Loved your post. Black pepper buttermilk biscuits sound very good to me.

    1. oh you should definitely try to make them sometime! perfect for this holiday weekend!

  4. Great post! I’m Jenna btw, I’ve got a little blog about positivity and all things motivational, self-help, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. I would love if you checked it out! :)
    x Jenna

  5. these "currently" posts are so much fun. that book you're reading - the perfume collector - sounds awesome. i've never heard of it, but i'm super intreagued. i think describing something that is sensory like smell or taste is such a challenging thing to do and when someone is able to put that in words that make it so visceral to the reader... that's tallent. i've got to check it out! thanks for sharing and have a great holiday weekend!

    1. they really are great posts! they help put my thoughts into perspective if i'm ever feeling uninspired or scatter brained. :)

  6. i love this 'currently' feature! i might need to adopt it too, as i have been feeling a little disconnect with blogging in general as of late. and i agree i think a change in season might be what i am needing. i love summer, but they usually aren't 4 months long here, so i think i might actually be suffering the affects of sun overdose! xo

    1. definitely adopt it! i replied to lucinda that the guidance of needing / wanting / feeling / thinking... etc really helps when there's so much going on in life, it offers guidance on getting it into a blog post :)


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