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My days lately have looked like work, cook, eat, sleep. Event season was in full swing and with a slower summer just beginning, I am looking forward to relaxing soon. For a while, I was completely enveloped in the busy season and my never-ending to-do list.
We visited Charlotte, NC over Memorial Day and we've visited our hometown numerous times. We haven't had a weekend to breathe and we won't have another one until mid-July.
I'm dreaming of summer walks and visits to our favorite parks and restaurants outside. I'm also dreaming of a house... with a dog... a very particular dog.
In order to collect my thoughts that are so frazzled lately, I thought I'd let you know what I'm currently up to. Currently...

eating // a ton of seafood. it is summer here in florida and light and fresh fish is the best meal. on tonight's dinner menu is salmon, simple with cracked pepper and grey sea salt.

drinking // english breakfast tea, every morning and every night. sometimes i get crazy and heat up a shot of almond milk to add in.

practicing // my french on weekends with my handy duolingo app. you never know when we'll decide to go back to paris.

mastering // the art of house hunting. looking for 2 bedrooms, hardwood floors, a fenced yard...

learning // about the gentle breed, greyhounds.

finishing // the latest season of orange is the new black - and i've been avoiding social media hoping to not get spoiled by all of those who breezed through it in one weekend.

reading // Adopting the Racing Greyhound

enjoying // longer morning routines and mixing up the evening routines.

listening // to nothing. lately i've been driving to work and home in silence. it's nice after a noisy day at the museum.

walking // instead of taking the elevator in our four story museum. don't get excited; the elevators are too crowded with children and strollers now that school is out.

needing // a change of routine. needing a sense of family with my chou-chou.

wearing // tank tops and leggings or boy shorts as soon as i get home. and bees in my hair when it's a warm day.

cooking // in the crockpot lately. some molasses and sriracha pulled pork and even some chicken tikka masala.

wondering // about our future... envisioning our new home and pet...

working // and finally getting a legitimate lunch break after weeks of eating at my desk because we were that busy.

travelling // this weekend to corning, new york and manhattan too! and later this month? to buffalo, new york and my first time to canada!

thinking // about welcomed change.

I originally saw this currently feature on Joy Felicity Jane.


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  1. i've was wondering where have you been. seems like life been pretty busy for you.
    gosh, yes. welcomed change. it's exciting and yet scary at the same time, sometimes, isn't it?

    1. it is so exciting and yet so stressful at times! but the good things in life come with some hard work :)

  2. it's nice to see you here again! sounds like you have been very busy indeed. house hunting, planning for a new doggy, traveling. sounds like all very good things. i can't wait to hear more about them all. xo

    1. it's nice to be back after a little month long sabbatical of sorts - i've missed writing and reading comments and reading blogs! and surely in two months time things will be settling down in the new routine!

  3. I had to do a double take: Yelle is adopting a greyhound?! I'm excited for your house hunting- looking forward to hearing more about that.

    1. i am i am! i am so excited to rescue a lovable older dog! and i have only read wonderful things about them and their personalities.


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