This week, like most in Orlando, was fulfilling. We toasted with friends at a going away party with mint juleps and NOLA beer. We sipped sake over hot pots and ended the night with a walk home, full and sleepy. 
I accomplished four loads of laundry, and in between each I read a stack of magazines by the pool with sun block, phone calls with friends, and an icy cup of champagne. In the evening, I noticed the buds on an old orchid plant, sprouting just in time for spring.
And then there was the Sunday brunch of bagels, hummus, eggs, bacon, and sriracha potatoes, paired with mimosas and a friend. There was the hilarity of losing her car downtown, walking for an hour in the heat, and S coming to the rescue, just to find her car on the block we missed. After that, we decided we deserved another drink and found a gem; a wine room with no corkage fee, a bottle of a summery white wine, and a flatbread to share outside.
S + I experimented in the kitchen with a meaty sandwich of leftover steak, sliced thick on top of tuscan bread. I made an aioli sauce from scratch with eggs, garlic, lemon, Italian olive oil, and dill and parsley for color. On top of the aioli and the steak was a shallot slaw with roughly chopped parsley and dill, seasoned with lemon and grey sea salt. It was a mouthful of summer flavors and perfectly crunchy textures.
S surprised me with a clipping of gorgeous pinkish-red flowers from the neighborhood and our new bike rack hung up on the wall. Anchored and everything. And there's the first bloom of the season of our neighborhoods star jasmine. Just walking to my car in the morning, I catch the lingering of its perfume in the wind.
Our plants have been doing so well in this weather, with sun in the afternoons sandwiched by breezy nights and mornings, followed by cloudy days. There's new growth on our jasmine, money tree, and horseradish tree. Our orchids have sprouted little buds, and the pepper seeds are slowly reaching above the pot's rim.
Behind my bike, neatly hung up on the wall, is a gift from a friend. An aged map of Paris. It alludes to biking through the arrondissements of Paris, which I hope Erin finds time to do when she moves there for two months. Don't worry, I'm jealous too.
Spring is my favorite time of the year; no wonder we picked this time to marry last year.


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  1. I'm absolutely planning on getting my butt on a Velib this time around. The last time I was there, it was too cold overall, but spring and early summer are perfect, oui? I haven't been on a bike in years. My brother sent me an article about bike tours in Paris and it reminded me of your bike tour in Buenos Aires. I just might have to try on this time! I love seeing little glimpses into your apartment. Signs of spring abound! Even your bike is color coordinated :) xo

    1. I hope you do! We couldn't do Velib back in 2010 without a chip credit card and we so wished we could!

  2. i would really love to come and hang out with you for a weekend. you the best mix of relaxing/social/eating good food weekends of anyone i know. xo

    ps. i had the same poster! *had* because i momentarily took it down to move it and M+L ended up shredding it like a couple of puppy dogs :(

    1. weekends are the only time i get to do all of the relaxing and social and good eating so i make sure to bulk up on it for sure! i always look forward to the weekend to take advantage of that time :)

      and too bad about the map! it's really cute and looks great with other vintage illustrations or even, in this case, with stevens yellowed drawings from art class.

  3. Love your blog! You are a very talented photographer.

  4. Oh this sounds lovely. Tell me, where do I sign up for sitting by the pool in between laundry loads???

    1. my apartment complex! i always thought it was so inconvenient to not have a washer dryer in my apartment. but lately, i've taken advantage of the fact that they are by the pool at my complex :)


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