Two Weekends

In two weekends there was wine by the bottle and there was a fresh loaf of local bread. There was the perfect spot at the indoor market right by the patio with a view of a private rental: an engagement party. An intimate gathering so sweet it inspired us to host our own little anniversary party at home, celebrating one year of marriage, but mostly an excuse to have fun with our dearest friends all evening. That will be in May; could it be so soon already?
There was rainfall in the morning with sneezes and sniffles. My legs were propped up on the couch with TV show marathons and long Pinterest sessions. I snacked on pickles, eating them over the sink, and I drank tea by the gallons, the warmth soothing my throat. 
When the rain stopped there was fresh air, a cool breeze, and tons of sunshine. My cooped up body treasured the weekly visit to the farmer's market to see the plants for sale, the produce in season, and the pet goats that tagged along. 
After rain in springtime there are flowers and lush trees and floral scents that I can't appreciate with this stuffed nose. But the colors and their lightness when they sway in the wind is appreciated all the same. 
There are walks around our little downtown area with brick roads that remind me of Europe, aimless walkers that frustrate my quick steps, and pretty scenes that remind me to appreciate the little things in between it all. A hidden oil lamp next to a door that leads to where? Busy courtyards full of passerbys and luncheons. 
The lines of people with suitcases travelling not too far by train, and the soft horn of a train approaching. There are crowds that gather when the train roars near, and children and the train captain share a wave. 
The rose garden where we took some wedding photos last year is  just starting to bloom. 
And at home, afternoons and evenings are spent on the balcony with a book and exposed shoulders, hoping the sun will bleach out the sickness. 


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  1. It will have been a year already in May?! Whoa! Time really does fly, that's crazy. What are you guys doing to celebrate? xo

    1. i too, cannot believe it is almost a year. but we're ready to celebrate with a bottle of rose malbec from argentina and a bottle of champagne from brazil!

  2. you know i love your photos because they look so real. of course i love those super stylized photos but you know every moment was swallowed whole by staging. and yours look so lovely and real. your life by nature is lived with the intentions and adventures that people try to stage to the nines. i don't know if this is coming out the way i mean it to. but in the end i love your photos, they always make me want to be where you are, or go find a quiet and meaningful adventure of my own. and a year? already?! xo

    1. i'm with you, my favorite moments captured are the ones that are just real life, living. and i know what yuo mean, because i try to live in the moment while capturing it all the same :)

  3. Every picture in this post is perfection.


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