Plant Fair

The past week was full of too much fun celebrating St Patrick's Day, working on some major upcoming events, watching some Oscar nominated movies, eating a lot of hummus and cheese (on separate occasions), and drinking daily cups of tea. It's been a really nice mix of relaxing as we are still getting back into a routine since vacation and leisurely enjoying moments at home. 
We make brunch at home on weekends and indulge in sodas from Whole Foods, local sprouts bread, and farmer's market vegetables sauteed in a cast iron skillet, eaten on our balcony, shaded from the morning sun. We tended to our plants, whipped up meals in the kitchen, and tidied our little home. In between, we swung by our favorite markets and shops, bringing home cheeses, crackers, ingredients, and treating ourselves to a sushi feast on a weekend night. 
There was also an annual plant sale going on at the loveliest botanical garden in the area, Leu Gardens. Vendors set up booths in the grass and attendees walked the pathways toting new plants and licking ice cream. The booths spread throughout the entire garden, from the tropical section to the greenhouse, to the bamboo forest. There were bonsai trees for sale and rose bushes to bring home. We went home with a horseradish tree that we've never seen before, hoping to add a little height to our plants on the balcony. 
Lately I've been working on a "book" that is more like a magazine, full of my favorite photos and blog posts from this blog. I see some of my favorite blogs become private or completely go off air after years of beautiful posts, and in the event that my blog becomes nonexistent, I would like to have a hard copy of my life these past few years. I have just ordered it after perfecting the layout for weeks, going as far back as April 2012, eliminating dates, and sectioning the writings by seasons. It's already 100 pages and I'm really excited to be able to flip through it when it arrives, like a glossy journal. 


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  1. If we had a plant fair like that here, I'd never see my husband again! I love weekends like yours; hometending ones are the best, aren't they. And I've mulled over the BOOK idea for ages. Blogging is such a funny thing and I go back and forth about it, but I would like to preserve what has been in this space. Good for you!

    1. i'm glad to know that it's not just me that wanted to invest in something a little more real than just an online blog :)

  2. i hope your blog doesn't disappear! if so i might need a copy of that book. which sounds like a huge undertaking by the way! i am always so impressed and inspired by all that you do.

    i need some taller plants as well! i am hoping to really improve my plant skills this year. xo

    1. i hope that it doesn't either! i just kind of feel go-with-the-flow with this blog, and let come what may. and thanks for being so sweet - it's bloggers like you that inspired me to start in the first place and to continue to find what i want out of my own blog :)


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