Dinner in BsAs

We watched the sunset from our apartment after our jet lag nap. Then, we set off in search of a dinner that wasn't too filling but on my list of places recommended in Palermo. That gave us: Acabar. 
This was my first time seeing wine on a menu, and I saw 32 peso. I calculated that it was $4 so naturally I thought, oh $4 US for a glass of wine. And after chatting with the waitress in our little Spanish, turns out, that's $4 US for a bottle of wine. Incredible. So of course, we shared some wine and took a taxi to the apartment instead of walking, because that too cost only $4 US.
We ordered a "picada" platter on the menu and enjoyed some cheese, meat, fried onions, olives, and the best empanadas I've ever had. The tables were close, the music from the 90's, and the groups of friends big. 
Not only was the food and wine good for the price, but the atmosphere was perfect. It reminded me of our favorite bar in Paris that we visited three times while we were there. It's guests are groups of locals, with quirky decor and kitschy things on the walls. The lighting was dim and intimate. I felt so at home. The waitress didn't speak any English, but was so helpful with our attempts at Spanish. It was a comfortable experience in a local's place.


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