Our Travels: Savannah, GA Day Two

Our second day in Savannah, we ventured out to the Wormsloe Plantation. Although there isn't much left of the house, the mile and a half of oak trees leading up to the property is remarkable. I went to the Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans, and that property "only" had a quarter of a mile of oak trees. The length of this road put that one to shame. I could just imagine what it would be like to be invited to a dinner party only to drive up to an entrance like this. 
The plantation home in New Orleans had a house still in working order, with tours and decorations, and mint juleps on the back porch. This plantation in Savannah was more for the property, the trails in the forest, and the old way of creating walls with a mixture of limestone and shells. What was left of the remains were thick and textured, and you could see the oyster shells peeking out. 
We also went to the Bonaventure Cemetery, a cemetery known for it's beautiful sculptures at loved ones resting place. It's a gorgeous place, right on the water, with statues tall and intricate so that you can see them from a distance. 
Something we started way bay during our trip to Paris in 2010, is collecting leaves or flowers from the area we've visited. We pressed some tamarix from a favorite park in Paris (Parc des Buttes des Chaumont) and from Savannah, we pressed some northern tree leaves. Like our tamarix in a frame, we hope to put more leaves and flowers in various frames from our trips near and far. 
And of course, if you saw Instagram, our Visas were approved! It was all just a lack of certain paperwork that wasn't explicitly clear on the consulate website. We submitted the paperwork, and thankfully the woman at the consulate was able to process it within a day. Next, they send us back our Passports with our Visa stamped inside, all cozy. This weekend is all about packing and tidying the house so it will be a warm welcome in two weeks. 


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  1. ooo, that tree lined entrance is just gorgeous. i love the bonaventure cemetery - though as i have probably made pretty clear i love everything about savannah! congrats on your visas!! that's excellent news. xo

    1. isn't it gorgeous!? and i could photograph any where in savannah all day long.

  2. What a gorgeous place! I love how the trees curve in an arch over the road :) and YAY!! So happy for you guys about the Visas :)

    1. it's a stunning entrance and i love how it's almost a staple of the south!


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