Focaccia Bread

I believe I have linked to this recipe before, a focaccia bread from a woman named Julia who hosts a supper club in her Brooklyn home. Vice did a short little film on her day-after-dinner-party lunch. She made focaccia bread looks so easy, delicious, and well worth the wait, so I had to try it out. 
I woke up early on a Sunday, brewed some coffee, and set to mixing my dough. Her recipe is on Vice, and it calls to let the dough rise for a couple of hours. I drank my coffee, read a magazine, and we even had time to go to the farmer's market. When we came back, the dough doubled in size and it was time to lay it out. I topped half of the focaccia with her suggested grey sea salt and the other half, I got experimental and topped with the lavender sea salt I've been using a lot. Also, I added thyme into my dough... I love thyme focaccia bread. 
The only difference in my bread - it didn't rise in the oven as much as hers did. But, I think I know where I went wrong and I am prepared for next time. Also, fresh bread does not keep long at all. Half of this went stale within the week, what a shame. I have to say - I really like the combination of thyme focaccia bread with the lavender sea salt! It was a little floral and herbal, a great combination. 
My thoughts lately... Downtown Orlando used to be so vast and large to me when I first moved here (has it really been over 5 years now?). Sure I was born and raised in NY, Manhattan my backyard and city to play in. However, in west Florida where I lived previous to here, there is no city, so when I moved to Orlando, the downtown area seemed so unfamiliar, huge in it's own, mysterious way. I used to think that only clubs existed down there. But, now I feel like queen of downtown. Everyday at work, I overlook the tall buildings, their tops sometimes hidden in fog, admiring an empire of businesses. After work, I meet S at a bar under his office. I watch people walk by, getting off work, going to work, looking for change, asking me for change. It's not so scary anymore and in fact, it seems quite small, and definitely familiar now.


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  1. wow, this looks divine!
    i moved several time growing up, and now i move a lot too because of my job. i find it sometimes some place are more familiar than other. it's a good feeling nonetheless

    1. i am the type to not move too much, so thinking about leaving this place and coming back to it as a visitor is a strange thought to get used to :)

  2. Oh wow...that looks perfectly wonderful! Downtown Orlando HAS changed so much! Every time I go back, I can't believe how different everything is. It's beautiful though.

    1. for me it's crazy how different it feels from my first impression when i moved here 5 years ago, and now! it's like night and day how i uncovered the gems of this city.

  3. Portland's downtown is so small! And since I left my teen years I don't go down there too often, only for specific jaunts. But I don't think Portland has a downtown life like other cities, we are definitely more about the neighborhoods. I think you are the only person that really makes me miss gluten! This looks so good! Enjoy your relaxing weekend! xo

    1. i love that portland is more about the neighborhoods! (not that i've been - but i can kind of imagine). there are a few little areas within orlando that stand out as gems and places to go to like thorton park, college park, winter park, all these little sub-downtowns within central florida!

  4. I love your blog


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