Thanksgiving, Christmas Tree Decorating, + Hanukkah Film

Thanksgiving + Hanukkah from Yelle on Vimeo.
This year I made a little film during Thanksgiving day at my grandparents house, our Christmas tree decorating at my aunt and uncles, and Hanukkah dinner at S's grandparents house. I hope you enjoy this little film as much as I do. I love looking back at all of the sweet moments that happened throughout the evenings. 
Recently, S's car started over heating, blah blah, I'll spare you the boring details. It's an older model and now needs two expensive parts replaced so instead, we decided we'll sell it to a company that sells it for parts. Not sure what we'll do with the money (pay off S's student loan or put it toward a new car later?) but our main concern is not getting stuck in a lease and not buying a new car when my car is newer. We have similar work schedule and work less than 10 minutes from each other so we've started carpooling. I have to say, I am really enjoying this routine. Starting every morning with S and ending every workday recapping in person (sometimes in traffic) rather than on the phone is much more pleasant. So far, I've only seen the benefits in this unfortunate financial situation. 
Also, S lately has been working on our illustration for our holiday cards! He finally finished them this weekend and I was able to order them. I cannot wait to share them with you - they came out great! I thought about using one of our wedding photos but I feel like the whole family has seen them already via Facebook or our wedding album. So instead, I asked S if he would draw us as characters inspired by one of our favorite movies. I'm more excited to share a little piece of S's art with friends and family rather than a standard photo!


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  1. videos are the best. i love having those memories in motion.

  2. again, you are so good at taking videos. what i need to put on my christmas list is another battery for my camera. i never take video because as you know, it drains the batteries so quickly and i'd always rather take photos. but every time i see your videos i feel terrible that i don't do this. ps i cannot wait to see your cards! xo

  3. What a lovely way to capture the holidays! It inspires me sooo much to start capturing moments of our life. One question though… where were you in this vid? ;)

  4. This video is so beautiful! What a great way to celebrate with family, and to capture beautiful memories :)
    xo TJ

  5. If I didn't know better, I would have sworn this was a Hollywood production (or a very professional ad on Youtube, at least!) Everyone is so natural! I love the music, the ambiance, the serene faces and the glow of the rooms. Absolutely stunning!

  6. ah, i love holiday videos! this is such a great way to keep memories!

    lindsey louise

  7. awww! what a lovely video! I've been really interested in making videos lately- though i don't have a video camera- but this is great. i love the shots of everyone laughing, and the editing is good. perfect song, too. happy holidays!

  8. Awwww this video is the cutest! I loved the thumb wrestling part heehee. Seriously this made me so happy.



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