Oh Tannenbaum

Hanukkah came and went so quickly. Being that we were out of town for most of Thanksgiving weekend, we weren't able to light that candles every night at home like we always do. When we got back we had three nights of lighting the candles together, S singing the prayers. On the last night I took some photos of it, not knowing then that it would later feel weird to not have the menorah out at the same time as our Christmas tree . 
For me, the menorah out at the same time as the tree has symbolized both of our families, histories, and traditions coming together side by side. Now that we have our tree up, it feels like the menorah is the only thing missing. 
After years of putting up a small, pre-lit, faux-fir as our Christmas tree every year, this year we both decided it was time to try a real tree. There are tents set up on the side of the road here, selling fir trees for families to take home. 
When we went shopping for our tree, it was slim pickings for us being that we have 8 foot ceilings in our home, so we had to stay around the 7 foot trees, which were few and far between. This late into December, everyone must have grabbed the shorter trees. We found a good looking balsam fir, and were able to stuff it into my little Honda Fit. We had a short drive home, but the car still lingers a faint tannenbaum scent. 
We bought brand new lights for the trees, ones that are constant or can be twinkling too - for whatever mood I'm in. We also used some intricate yarn for our garland since it has a bit of texture and a bit of sparkle too - nothing too frou-frou or else S wouldn't like it. 
One thing I am not so in love with just yet is our tree topper. This one will work for now, but I'm thinking I am going to have to keep an eye out for an art decor, glass and brass star like we used to have growing up. When we moved from NY to FL, it broke in the move. My brother and I both still think about that tree topper. 
I love our assortment of ornaments. Many come from my childhood like my ceramic ballerina who is losing her sparkles but still dances endlessly as she dangles. Others are new like our hot air balloon, that came from the after-holiday ornament sale at Anthropologie, which has turned into a bit of a tradition for us. 
S has dreams of decorating an entire tree with little felt mushrooms, various shapes and some brown, some red. I would love to see that too, but in order to have enough by next year, we'll have to start making them soon. For me, a string of hand-made mushrooms on a garland would be absolutely perfect. 
We decorated the tree with Christmas music playing by Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, as well as The Family Stone faintly playing on the TV in the background. And a balsam fir candle, to intensify the atmosphere. Every time I pass the tree in our living room, I stop and realize that it really feels like Christmas now. The only thing that might make it complete for me is a little ceramic town, with lights in the windows, for under the tree until the gifts come out, just like my mom used to have. 


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  1. What a wonderful tree, packed with rich branches and beautiful little ornaments! My top favorites are the ballerina, the red wooden nutcracker and... the letter E!

  2. I adore your tree! It's so lovely. I never thought to shop Anthropologie for ornaments but I think I my do so this year after the holidays.

  3. What a beautiful tree, Yelle!

  4. this is so beautiful. your house is looking gorgeous! i, too, put yarn on my tree, but i forgot this year so we opted to leave it off rather than start over. there's so many pretty yarns and it works perfect for garland. and i also do not love my tree topper. i think i bought it at someplace like walgreens one year when mine also broke and i still haven't replaced it. maybe some after christmas sales would be a good idea to find new ones ;)

    Hanukkah was so early this year! i am not jewish so i don't celebrate it officially but i do like to honor it and at least be aware of the days it falls so on i can say happy hanukkah to my friends who do celebrate it. i totally missed it this year.

    have a great weekend yelle!

  5. okay you found SUCH a pretty tree! jealous!

  6. Your tree is so pretty! Ours this year is quite fat and every time I go outside I see a huge gap in the lights that I just haven't had time to do anything about! I usually do a post of all our decorations, and I haven't had time to do anything about that either! ;)

  7. Your tree is stunning.
    I love the idea of celebrating both holidays!


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