Harvest Festival

A few weeks back, while it was still warm outside, we attended a Harvest Festival which was something I really looked forward to. The first year that we accidentally walked into it, there was a movie playing in the grass - one of those healthy eating documentaries that was probably one of the first influences of local and sustainable eating I've had. 
This year we attended and found many of the vendors were selling their local products, and there were also classes and demonstrations. One class that we missed out on was a mushroom growing class, but we did catch some of a vegan cooking class! 
Our bread lady was there, and we bought a delicious baguette (the fig and anise one of course) to enjoy later with cheese. And of course, we saw popsicles and had to have some. 
Yesterday I enjoyed wine and dinner with a friend at a local theater that plays movies every Wednesday night on their lawn. They call it their "Pitcher Show" and last night was a much loved showing of the 90's movie Spice World about the Spice Girls. Of course, my friend and I had to go see it. I forgot how silly the movie was, but there was so much love still in the humor and so many memories. All of the lyrics came back to us naturally. We even joked about the immense crowd of women in their 20's: that the Spice Girls must have bred fans that grew up to have impeccable fashion sense. Maybe it was just the group closest to us, but there were some blog-worthy outfits in that crowd. 


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  1. I haven't seen Spice World in so long! The festival looked great.

  2. I used to love the Spice Girls! Baby Spice was always my favorite...
    I wish we had a festival like this in KC.

  3. That Harvest Festival looks like so much fun. And fig and anise baguette? Sign me up! I loved the photo of the olive trees. I've always wanted one, but I think it's too cold here. Bummer. Have a great weekend!

  4. This looks like such a unique and fun festival! Love that they also offer classes, that's really neat. And aww, the Spice Girls haha--too cute :)

  5. i really want an olive tree. but i kill all plant life and i just am too afraid to potentially seal some nice little olive trees fate. ha, spice world. i bet there were a lot of girls in their 20's! but oh my goodness - that one song has been stuck in my head since it came out. i sing it everyday and it make me hate myself because i just can't stop singing it. it's a really bad problem i have (i'll tell ya what i want, what i really really want - an olive tree. i do stuff like that with that song in my head way too many times in a day.). xoxo

  6. Oh this looks great, I love these types of outdoor fairs and you can buy an oil tree! Oh yeah.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  7. My first association with "Harvest Festival" is the Parks & Rec episode where Leslie organizes one. Do you watch that show? It cracks me up, but your harvest festival seems so much more delightful and local. Those ice pops!

    My first roommate and I, my friend Lyndsey, will watch Spice World to this day without even the tiniest shred of irony. That movie is hilarious! And we had a Spice Girls poster hanging in our apartment, obviously. Haha, I'm embarrassing myself here, but I actually know like 90% of the dialogue in the movie...;) xo


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