Day After Thanksgiving + Hanukkah

The days after Thanksgiving kick off the Christmas season, not just for my family, but for the entire nation. Only, instead of us shopping those days that follow a day of eating and drinking, we spend time with each other relaxing, decorating for the holidays, and eating some more. 
In the morning while my aunt and uncle prepped their house for decorating, I kept my two little cousins busy by teaching them how to use their sewing machine. With a little guidance, the older of my two cousins was able to hem a dress into a shirt, and shorten  long sleeves into short sleeves. She did pretty well, and with the clear elastic thread instead of a colored thread, the shortened sleeves looked great! 
Later in the day, my grandparents brought over the leftover Thanksgiving feast, and we all started decorating my aunt and uncle's tree. We started with a Christmas album of the same songs I used to listen to growing up when decorating the tree. And then, because my uncle is a lover of music, we switched to some more contemporary music, what my little cousin calls rock 'n roll. 
My camera battery started to get low, so instead of my littlest cousin playing around on my camera, she took a try at my other cousins camera. She's pretty great; she captured some lovely portraits of her grandfather and our grandfather on Thanksgiving day with my camera. 
My camera battery was draining quickly because I was filming a lot of the evening and I forgot to pack my charger. S suggested that I should make a little film of Thanksgiving. We each have VHS tapes that our parents filmed of our family get-togethers and holidays from when we were young and sometimes not even born. I love capturing our families and friends in photos with great portraits, but I really love making little films, capturing small moments and personality quirks. 
At S's grandparents house, we had Hanukkah dinner on Saturday night since Hanukkah fell over Thanksgiving this year. S was ordered to make the latkes. We enjoyed brisket with his mom, grandparents, and brother, and all lit the candles together. I have to say it was quite nice to have Hanukkah overlap with Thanksgiving this year - I much prefer it than when it overlaps Christmas. Although, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I don't mind sharing it with Hanukkah. It's Christmas that's second-best to me and yet there's still something about it that I want all to myself and not to share the day with Hanukkah. That could be the little kid in me. 


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  1. I love these pictures! Some of my greatest memories as a child are decorating the tree as a family. And I am with you Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday also :)

  2. I really think videos are a lost art at capturing family moments. Some of my favorite memories were going back and watching our old videotapes and I don't think we've recorded video in forever. Your photos are beautiful as always!

  3. Yelle, these images warm my heart and remind me of the reason why I love this time of year. So much togetherness! I completely agree with Angel… videos are a lost art. I hope you got to capture some beautiful moments :)

  4. these are such warm and lovely photos that really capture what the holidays are all about. i did a little online shopping after thanksgiving, but not in the stores - no thank you. in fact i am just about done which feels really great. i think i will be able to finish it off shopping at small local shops, which i like to do and feels christmassy in a good way, not a crazy way. so i think other than that, and with that, i have the rest of the month to settle into all the good and cozy stuff. xo

  5. Love these photos! So sweet of you to teach your cousins how to sew :) And the tree looks great!

  6. Looks like you guys had a lovely Thanksgiving break! So many fun memories and happy moments. That's grand you are getting to share your sewing skills with your cousins.

  7. Technically, Thanksgiving has only been around for like, a minuscule percentage of the time the tradition of Hanukkah has. So if anything was "sharing" the day this year, it's Thanksgiving. And Hanukkah is older than Christmas, so the same can be said for that. The reason it fell so early this year is the lunarsolar Hebrew calendar, which isn't in sync with the standard Gregorian calendar we use.

  8. wow yourr tree looks gorgeous


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