Burled Black Walnut Wood

When I moved out of my first apartment into mine + S's own apartment, my mom was downsizing her home and we were lucky enough to receive my favorite set of couches. They are grey suede with even a huge one-person arm chair that I can get lost in with a good book, a blanket, and some tea. Years later, my mom is now updating some of her pieces in her new house.
One of the pieces my mom replaced is the burled black walnut wood and glass dining room table that we grew up with in New York. It seats six at it's smallest size which is an increase from our Ikea table which tightly fit four people. I love this table because I grew up with it and it is a bit art deco on the legs and it's timeless and beautifully made, but it also has leaves. There are two wood and glass leaves that are currently tucked away in one of my closets. They are perfect for when I plan my first 12-person dinner party with all of my place settings! 
Although I barely have the space in my dining room for this table, if I ever wanted to have my 12-person dinner party, I could easily move it into my living room's open space. I'm already dreaming of the appetizers, entree, and dessert spreads I could serve, and the day-after lunch like The Dinner Bell supper club too. 
This weekend we have been home for Christmas, enjoying home cooked meals with my dad and S's mom, as well as baking marathons with my mom. I spent the day yesterday, just me and my mom, baking gingerbread cookies, meringue cookies, chocolate crackle cookies, biscotti, and pecan cookies. There are so many other delicious recipes that we didn't even get to like nut balls, pignoli cookies, and some peppermint cookies. Today, I'm headed there to finish what we started.
I probably won't post again until after Christmas day so I'm wishing all of  you the most wonderful holiday! I know I'll be spending my Xmas morning with my mom and her challah bread french toast - paired with mimosas of course, our little tradition. Cheers!


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  1. I really love how well the chairs accent the table! Your mom has great taste. :)

    1. thanks! i think she does too :) i may not have the same taste as her, but she must have inspired me growing up to decorate homes well!

  2. such gorgeous photos yelle! your table styling is just so pretty. i love welled loved hand-me-downs. i don't have many but the ones i do have i treasure. have a happy holiday! xo

    1. thank you! and yes, hand me downs are loved over and over again, and with good reason. i love pieces that have such history and nostalgia behind them!

  3. What a gorgeous, gorgeous table and how lucky you are to have it! It's just so lovely that you have this connection to your family and your childhood and you can look forward to many years of enjoying it yourself! Happy, Happy Christmas and New Year!

    1. thank you lauren! this table is going to see many generations of us and i can only hope that it continues for eras and that my children will want it someday too!


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