A few weekends ago, S went on a camping adventure for the weekend with his brother, friends, and my brother and cousin as well. I taught him a couple of things on my camera with my new lens and was very impressed with the photos he took! 
S also took some video footage for his friend to splice together a short film. Their last camping trip was to the same camp grounds, but they were less prepared the first time around. It turned out to be the coldest weekend of the year, and it was impossible to reschedule 10-20 attendees. Plus, it was S's bachelor party weekend with friends and they all took off of work to camp out. You can see that film here.
Not only were his photos great by bringing my camera this time around, but their menu sounded delicious. It was a shame that it was guys-only and I couldn't tag along to enjoy the dishes. Our friend who appreciates food like we do brought pork butt and smoked it on the fire for hours. They also had breakfast tacos, very much like what we had in Austin, TX! The day before, S made his grandmother's enchiladas and packed them up to warm the next night on the fire. S said they never went hungry that weekend!
This past weekend we visited home and it was so great to see family - as always. My grandparents left yesterday to go back to Brazil for a few months to finalize getting everything on the farm before they move here for good. We spent so much time with family this weekend and it gave me a little taste of what the winter holidays will be like again. I also received word that my aunt and cousin from New Jersey are coming down for Thanksgiving so that alone was a boost to my week! Knowing I'll be spending holidays with more family members is why I adore winter. 
I am so excited for Halloween and especially excited that this year many of my friends are dressing up and going out! Last year it seemed that no one was doing anything locally on a Wednesday night Halloween, so we stayed in and attempted to give out candy to trick-or-treaters. It really ended with us watching scary movies and eating the candy ourselves. This year, we are still watching scary movies all week and I'm reading my favorite Edgar Allan Poe stories here and there, but we'll be out downtown in costume celebrating! I've put together a black lace dress, a black fedora hat, black boots, and I picked up striped leggings and lace fingerless-gloves at the Halloween store. With my camera in hand, I'll be going as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice! I'm most excited to have my camera as part of my costume to be able to tote it around all night! Is anyone else dressing up this year?


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  1. Joker from The Dark Knight! ;) Great Pictures!

  2. he has some photography skills, these photos are great! that spider one is so good. and of course i love the one with the camping necessities, haha.

    i am still costumelss, which would be so bad if i didn't have kids! i don't have anything for them yet. but i am hoping last minute pressure will give some ideas! milo was beetlejuice a couple years ago, it was pretty adorable. xo

  3. He took GREAT photos! Although, after seeing that spider I would have been SO outta there!!

  4. Isn't it fun when you get to see your man take photos?? Boys camping trip sounds fun, I bet they had a blast! I would prefer all that yummy food in the comfort of a heated, four-walled establishment with running water, but I'm a touch high maintenance :) xo

  5. he is a master with that camera! I am so jealous of the wonderful macro photos! That's it, I'm saving up for a nice dslr camera...

  6. Ahhh! Okay now all I can think about is tank tops, cigarettes and PBR. All three things that I miss!!!


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