Last Lunch In Austin, At Whole Foods

After my time spent playing assistant to my friend, we spent our last lunch together at the beloved flagship Whole Foods in Austin. During our entire trip, we visited the store three times and each time there were new things to discover. Being a town full of graphic designers, Whole Foods definitely has great branding design going on. 
Having had Torchy's Tacos, we skipped the Whole Foods taqueria, and instead opted for a pressed sandwich. My friend suggested the crusty baguette with fig jam, brie, and turkey. It was absolutely delicious, a combination I will surely try at home. We paired it with Topo Chico with lime, a sparkling water staple in Austin. 
Now that I've fully caught up on all there is to note from my Austin trip, I can catch you up on my time back home. We have slowly been getting back into our routine including eating healthier, making juices, cleaning our home, and all that comes with being an adult. This past weekend I had events to volunteer,attend, and work from Wednesday to Saturday. Thursday was an event called Silence 101 in honor of John Cage's birthday at an art gallery, part of Accidental Music Festival, an event I volunteer for. On Friday, my coworker and I attended an networking event for the event industry, called Coming Out for the Wedding Alliance. It's an organization that supports same-sex equality and marriage for all couples. It was a really lovely event with some amazing vendors involved including John Michael Catering, Lee Forrest Floral Design, and Orlando Wedding and Party Rental! It was great to mingle with some of our favorite vendors. 
Other things to note include the start of the semester. This is the first semester that I don't have to return to college! I still know the school schedule because of my coworkers, but it's strange to not have to worry about essays and quizzes. It's a nice relief. With the start of the semester comes our group of new interns. We've been busy at work training them and getting them adjusted to our office work and working events. At home, we're starting yoga class tomorrow and getting back into our routine. Looking forward to a normal week and a relaxing weekend over here.


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  1. i love that last photo. and i love how involved you are with so many wonderful things, from volunteer opportunities, to your work, to cooking and yoga! i really need just a little of your mojo, especially this week. xo

    1. thanks christine :) i try to say yes to any opportunity because i never know what i'll learn from something! although, i feel like my mojo is diminishing each year and sometimes i look back and have no idea how i used to do so much more!

  2. that sandwich looks great! your photography is wonderful, and i love austin!

    lindsey louise

    1. thanks lindsey! and the sandwich was so good (and could be easy to make at home!)


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