It's so wonderful to have weekends to myself these days. My entire college career I've worked jobs where I would work on weekends, some weekdays, and also go to class full-time during the week. I worked hard so that I could eventually have the luxury of most weekends off. 
One of these past weekends, I even had time to help volunteer to snap a few photos of a renovated venue for one of my favorite vendors, Puff N Stuff. They were catering an intimate wedding at the Winter Park Country Club with another favorite vendor, Junction 88 Productions. They wanted photos from the wedding to update their venue page so I stopped by before my dinner plans and snapped a couple of shots. The room looks gorgeously new, and the uplights by Junction 88 make it a lovely evening event. 
These next few weekends will be fast paced since we have plans every day. This weekend we will have a visitor, next weekend we're visiting family from out of town, and the weekend after that we will be in Austin, Texas to visit a friend!Hope that you all have great weekends ahead too!


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  1. What a cute venue!

  2. That's a really sweet wedding set up. I love the trail of rose petals down the aisle! I hope you're able to find some pockets of quiet time in the next few busy weekends. I know how important those little moments are, even if you're doing fun things! xo

  3. I love REAL weekends. :)
    The only trouble is I work from home, and it's hard to actually STOP working, even if it's saturday or sunday. I'm working on it.

  4. That's such a pretty venue! And how nice is it to have weekends off? I've been working retail throughout college, but with my starting student teaching next term I'll at least have weekends at home (maybe not "off" per say...).

  5. That is such a great venue. It looks so cozy and intimate. Its perfect!


  6. how pretty, i agree with erin those rose petals are just the loveliest. it sounds like your busyness is the good kind at least. jealous you are visiting austin! i once heard portland and austin were very similar and since then i have been really wanting to visit there. xoxo

  7. How lovely that you have weekends to relish. I tend to guard mine quite jealously, so I'm very happy for you. Busy, not busy, they're yours, right?


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