Cheese + Wine Tasting

We live extremely close to Whole Foods, shop there often for cheese and wine, and attend as many informational sessions as we can with them. We used to attend their $10 wine tastings every month with a friend, and more recently, we've been attending their free cheese classes (on gouda, cheddar, etc). This time, they combined both of our favorite classes for a lesson on pairing wine and cheese. 
We learned that a California cabernet sauvignon paired really well with a two year aged cheddar cheese. We normally go for dry red wines and aren't too into chardonnays, especially the overly oaky ones. However, they had a lovely chardonnay and paired it with a wonderful manchego and it was so delicious. Another great combination was a pleasing sauvignon blanc for summer paired with a semi-firm goat cheese with a wine-soaked rind. That was a crowd pleaser. Of course, these free events are such genius marketing because we always buy some cheese after our cheese class, and this time we bought two bottles of wine. It was a night of learning and enjoying wine and cheese.
This past weekend I didn't bring my camera around with me to the fun shops we went to, but I still want to share! We spent Saturday on the street lined with antique shops near my museum and went into a shop that sells all mid-century furniture. We were looking for any table top that we could use, and even though there was a great sale, nothing was perfect. We then walked in the heat to the large antique shop on that street and it turns out it closed down! It was replaced with some awful consignment clothing store with nothing interesting in the windows. On our way back to the car, we saw a new shop, a tiny closet of a curiosities shop. It didn't open for a little while, so we killed time in the area until we could go in. We saw a mongoose hanging from the ceiling, so naturally, we stuck around.
In the meantime we enjoyed ice cream cones at the tiny shop next door. Mine was a cone with Nutella on the inside and chocolate and vanilla ice cream swirled. Every bite of Nutella goodness was so delicious! When we finally got into the small closet of a shop, filled to the ceiling with book shelves perpendicular to the wall, full of knick knacks. We love tchotches and searching for the perfect little pre-loved treasures. We looked around and the only item that really called out to us was an old opium pipe that was out of our price range. But it was still great to see, like a museum piece. 


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  1. Our closest WF is still half an hour away, and while not a complete chore to get there, I still don't do it terribly often. Brilliant on the wine and cheese pairings...I tend to pair what's in my glass with what's in my fridge and I'd love to learn more!

  2. wine and cheese yum!! i don't drink too often because, well, i don't drink often enough and it makes me sleepy. but bring out the wine and cheese and i am going to start elbowing people to get at it. in fact i think i need to go cut a chunk off of my gouda wedge and eat it right now. my need for cheese has been triggered!

  3. Wine at cheese at whole foods sounds amazing! Too bad I live in a state where grocery stores can't sell alcohol..

  4. I wish we had a Whole Foods over here in Melbourne. It's encouraging to know there is one not too far away where you are, though! I don't think I realized there was one right by you :)

  5. We don´t have a Whole Foods in my country but I keep hearing good things about it! :) I hope you have a nice day!


  6. I didn't realize Whole Foods did these sorts of things! I will definitely be checking out the one in our area to see what's next :) What a fun idea. Love that you guys spend time exploring antique shops--wish I could get E into that ;) But if ice cream in involved, I don't think he'd pass it up. The Nutella cone sounds delish!

  7. We have two Whole Foods within 10-15 minutes of our house, but being that we live in PA, we're not allowed to sell alcohol anywhere that isn't a state-run liquor store. How crazy, right?! So no wine and cheese nights for us, unless we do it at home. $10 isn't bad at all! I'm partial to Trader Joe's, because they're closer and waaay cheaper, and tend to have as big a selection of organic stuff as Whole Foods. And they have cheap flowers! But alas, no wine. xo


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