Weekend Recap @ the West Coast

A few weekends ago we visited our family back home which is about a two hour drive from our own home. We both went to high school in that area so it makes it extremely easy for us both to visit family and friends together. 
This weekend my dad was replacing his dining room window. He custom-ordered a window-pane of glass without any hinges or metal bars. They wanted a clear view of their lush backyard so this new window was perfect. My dad first knocked out the previous windows, cutting off the panes at the metal hinges and sanding down old bolts to allow for a flush fit of the new window. Metal grinding metal makes for a wonderful sparks display. 
The only problem: double-paned glass is heavy. My dad, brother, S, and myself all carried the glass from the garage to the emptied window frame. It took all of our muscles and weight to prop it up above our waists. We were equipped with suction cups like you see in spy movies when the agent is climbing the side of sky scrapers.
The window looks out upon my dads trellis of grapevines. This time of the year the vines are growing lush and there are even a few bunches of grapes! My dad covered them with black mesh to discourage the birds from eating them, giving them a chance to mature from green to purple. 
This time of year in Florida is also the time for lubbers: yellow and pink colorful grasshoppers that are slower than snails. They are too dumb to run/hop/escape away from humans and cameras and make for great models. They are gorgeously colored and we even have one on our wall. 
If you saw my Instagram, you can see that my brother and my dad grilled up pinwheel sausage, beef and chicken kebabs, ribs, flank steak, and chicken hearts. All was so delicious and there was so much meat that my stomach only had room for a sampling of each. 
We visited my mom too of course. We had a delicious NYC breakfast with her at a New York style diner. Then we went to her house to see the dogs, including the beagle my brother and I grew up with. I showed her our wedding album that I already printed and went through her favorite photos with her. I now have many more albums to make for family members! 
My mom has many birdhouses and birdbaths for the locals in her backyard. It was cloudy and moody when I took these photos, my favorite kind of Florida weather. 
It was an enjoyable weekend trip, I hope that everyone's weekend was just as refreshing. Back to the museum today for me! Happy Monday!


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  1. It is definitely 'every type of bug imaginable' season down here. I'm not nearly as fond of insects as you guys seem to be. I just try to avoid them altogether, although my boyfriend seems to have made it his mission to shove them in my face at any opportunity. At least the lovebugs have disappeared!

  2. Beautiful garden! :)
    Firmoo giveaway on my blog! Visit me soon! :)

  3. yelle -- you photos are just getting better and better, you've got to do a post on how you work your camera :) the seventh down is dope -- is that your brother?

  4. That garden is awesome!! Be careful of those giant grasshoppers, they will eat your entire garden in to ruins!

  5. That bug is huge! Is that a grasshopper? Can you tell I'm a total city-kid? So nice that you got to visit both parents in the same weekend, even if they put you to work! Haha. The suction cup reference make me chuckle! xo

  6. lovely photos and that grasshopper, yikes! it's so big but the coloring is gorgeous. such a great close-up shot (new lens perchance?) it looks like both your mom and dad have a love gardening and offer such lovely little places to visit them in. xo

  7. Sounds like a wonderful weekend filled with family and fun. Isn't a NYC diner the best?

  8. Gorgeous photos! Lubbers drive me mad. They are everywhere! You parents both have beautiful back yards.

  9. I can't believe the window was that heavy, how crazy! But it looks great now that it's in. I love big windows :) I didn't know about the lubbers either--but I have to say, the lizards down here have gotten so big and fearless, they don't run anymore when I walk by! I'm constantly dodging them and hoping they don't climb up my legs haha. Looks like a beautiful weekend!

  10. Your parent's garden is so lush! Beautiful!


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