Even when it's pouring with summer showers in Florida, weekends are my favorite times. Weekends are when time moves a little slower, making up for the week days that fly by. I am so looking forward to this weekend, especially after having the little break that was yesterday, Independence Day. 
We spent most of the day at the pool with a book that I'm borrowing from a friend and in the water playing games. We did a little cleaning and tidying around the house - that way this weekend we can really relax. We only went out to get some burgers to grill and cheese and crackers. We also had an apple pie in the oven, but don't let that deceive you - we bought it from the store and I warmed it in the oven before we ate it. I cut some slices of pie and sprinkled ground cinnamon over them, dusting the white plates which made store-bought pie look like homemade heaven. Around 9 pm we went out on the balcony to watch the fireworks that we can see every year. 
Ever since we had fig and anise bread from a few weeks ago with brie, goat cheese, honey, and blackberry jam, I haven't wanted any other bread. It lasted one day. Usually bread lasts us weeks. This weekend we'll be making our weekly trip to the farmers market and I hope our bread lady has this baguette again. If she has more than one, I just might have to buy them all, freeze them, and attempt to ration them. 
After a busy week at work, I'm looking forward to this weekend. But, I also feel so fulfilled. I feel like I accomplished so much work in the matter of Monday through Friday. Although there were times that I thought the emails, phone calls, follow ups, etc would never end, there were lunches and afternoon Facebook breaks to give my mind a few minutes of rest. It's satisfying to feel like at the end of the week, you've earned the weekend.
I've made a Flickr account for all of my photos that I post. I've been having so much fun with my camera and new lens, I almost can't imagine a time that I didn't have it. Wishing every one a wonderful weekend ahead!


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  1. A 50mm lens has been at the top of my 'to-buy' list for what seems like ever. Seeing your photos just makes me want it more!

    I NEED to check out this farmer's market you speak of. Brilliant things seem to live there!

  2. I am always so grateful for the weekends, even if we end up doing laundry and vacuuming! It's a nice time to just indulge in some quiet calm, which you're right, is so needed after a grueling week. And four day weekends?? Well, my little heart could explode with joy! Enjoy your time together and eat lots of yummy Farmers market goodies! That sounds pretty great. xo

  3. cheese and honey. reminds me of the family i lived with in tuscany, they were avid fans of that combination. mmm mmm MMM. happy weekend miss!

  4. that looks delicious!!! mmmm mmmm!!! I love weekends as well (except when I have to work them!)

  5. that bread sounds pretty amazing and the toppings for it make it all sound even better. even though i don't have a 9-5 job outside of my house i still feel the same way about weekends, maybe it's residual from when i did work or maybe it's the relaxed vibe in the air, knowing traffic won't be so bad when i do leave and wonderful things like farmers markets are open for me to enjoy. flicker may be my final frontier. i have thought about it but still haven't looked into that one yet. um, how does it work? aka what are the benefits? xoxo

  6. Two of my favorite things: refreshing drinks and bread!

    This post of pictures made me fall in love with the two all over, again.


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