One of Our Wedding Films

What a wonderful way to start the week: with a wedding film. These are clips that our dear friend/groomsman/graphic designer Joseph filmed with his camera on our wedding day. We had a videographer too, but we haven't gotten that video yet. I thought I would share this video with you now. It has all of the toasts which was super important to me! I am so glad he filmed all of them so that I could listen to the toasts a thousand times over. S's brother Scott starts the toasts, followed by my best friend/maid  of honor Becca, and finished by my brother (with long hair!). The first scene is S and his groomsmen in our home, where they got ready. It's a shame I didn't think to film with my camera as we got ready too! I hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

PS. I am also posting for the museum later today (around 11 am) on our events blog! Some of you may have seen my Instagram photo of my promotion email. In summary, this week I was promoted from Event Coordinator to Manager of Meetings and Events! I will now be working full-time for the museum, and I couldn't be more excited to devout everything I have to this position. The blog for our department is one of my new social media marketing responsibilities.
PPS. I am so thankful for my regular commenters, new and old. All of you are so sweet, so genuine, so die-hard-amazing. I wish I could take each of you out to dinner. Instead, for the moment I will just have to tell you how appreciative of all of you I am for your friendship. Bisous bisous bisous :*
Photograph by our wedding photographer, KWU Weddings
Film footage by Joseph Nunez


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  1. What a sweet video! It's kind of nice to see a wedding video focused on the groomsmen getting ready, since that aspect of the day does tend to be very femme weighted! Nice little change. Aaaand that music. Wonderful.
    Congrats on your promotion!! I can't believe I don't have you on IG. Fixing that right now, so I don't miss anymore big news :)

  2. Well that video was just the sweetest. It's so neat to see things from the groom-side of the day! That jam session the boys had was so cute. And I loved that Beirut song! Perfect choice. The best man's toast was sweet, and I welled up a bit when your maid of honor gave her speech. You guys were just surrounded by love on that day. As it should be!

    Congrats on your promotion! Well deserved and so incredible that you get to do what you love every day. Everyone should be so lucky! xoxo

  3. i am so happy for your promotion! that is such fabulous news. that video was so sweet! i loved the intro and the bit with the boys helping each other with their hair in the bathroom. all the speeches were so beautiful but as soon as your voice cracked i got a lump in my throat. and seeing steven wiping away all those tears while his brother talked, oh, such a moment. it's is wonderful you have this to visit again and again. and i just love beirut! good song choice. xoxo

  4. Congrats on your promotion!! That's so great! Also, awesome video and Beirut is amazing. They bring back many good memories for me.

  5. this is the sweetest thing! i love that you have all of this documented in such a raw and real way--and this song! one of my favorites :) your brothers toast was so beautiful, i teared up listening to it.

  6. The video is so so sweet! Your brother's toast brought tears to my eyes, and so did Steven crying! So sweet and I'm so happy that you have such an amazing husband and family! <3


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