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It's bee a relatively quiet week at home with small projects around the house, lots of cooking in the kitchen, and more than usual video game playing. For someone whose husband works as an artist for a video game company, you'd think we'd play many more games than we do but not usually. We got out of the video game habit when we were enormously busy with grad school and me finishing my Bachelors degree and planning our wedding. Now, we're both finished with school and getting into the balance of work life, social life, home life, and now game life.
The video games I've been playing lately are Animal Crossing Wild World, Animal Crossing City Folk, and even The Sims 3 when I get bored of AC. This recent spark of video gaming came with the release of the latest Animal Crossing game, New Leaf for the Nintendo 3DS! We just ordered both a 3DS and the game so we have to wait until it arrives. Once it does arrive, I think we'll probably revert to children a little bit and fight over who gets to play first. 
Other than that, S recently was inspired to make his grandmother's Mexican recipes like Mexican rice and enchiladas. She also has a chile rellenos recipe that I want S to make one day! Mexican food and a cold beer in the summer time has been the perfect fill these days. 


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  1. I used to play Animal Crossing all the time! I was just in love with decorating the houses ;) Haha. I think that sounds like a great way to relax and enjoy the week. And mmm we did this last week! We love Summer Shandy with quesadillas. What kind of beer do you guys prefer? I'm always interested because I think you have great taste in drinks (pun intended)!

  2. Chile rellenos sounds amazing right now. I agree that Mexican food and a cold beer is perfect summertime eatin'. Where did you get those sandals?! I have some that look exactly the same from Target, but mine are all torn up and I've even tried saving them twice with hot glue but I think their time is up...

  3. I loved Animal Crossing! I had it on Game Cube years and years ago. And Sims? Don't even get me started. I would play the Sims and Sims 2 like it was my job when I was in college and the unemployed period that followed. And even to this day if I'm bored I'll pop Sims 2 in and design a house for fun! xo

  4. The Sims 3 is my favorite, but I have to keep off of it or I'll spend hours playing. Haha.

  5. i bought the sims 3 on an impulse on night and have hardly played since; it's a lot of work and i end up thinking i should cleaning my real dishes and mopping my real floors. BUT my boys were just playing the sims 3 today. of course they just like to make people and end up with houses flooded on on fire (ah! i can't watch!). mexican food and summer go hand-in-hand me thinks. xoxo ps - love the painting behind your little toes! is that in your house? love.

    1. oops, hope you can decipher that through all my typo's ; )

  6. Aw, I left a comment earlier in the week and it's not here! :( I said that I loved playing Animal Crossing, I had it for the Gamecube years ago, and that I will forever and always play Sims 2. I was a Sims ADDICT for years, and I still have the full collection CDs, but I'm a Sims 2 girl now. I'll pop in the disc and design a few houses every once in a while. Have fun! xo

  7. I am a bit late on the commenting on this post, but seriously, I have yet to meet another Animal Crossing lover over the age of ten. So much respect right now!

  8. Need. Those. Shoes. That is all.


  9. OMG, completely irrelevant, but WHERE are your shoes from?!!? My mouth is still wide open.

    Warm regards


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