Independence Day

I've mentioned before that we have the luxury of sitting on our balcony at 9:00 pm on Independence Day and watching the fireworks from the comfort of our home. We never have to bear the crowds and tough the traffic.
S bought some TNT for us to have fun at home, but he didn't by sparklers and bottle rockets like he thought. Instead he bought two much more dangerous things. Things you don't hold and that explicitly say on the label "run away". We lit one off with success but decided against the rest of them when our security guy came around.
I made a little video of our own private fireworks show. This, like most of the little films I make, are mostly for us. I like the idea of being able to look back at this time of our lives and feel like I'm here again. It seems to pass so quickly these days.


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  1. you weren't kidding, you get a perfect fireworks show right off your balcony. i am slightly jealous. i love your videos - also love the sparkly-glittery fireworks the best. happy weekend friend xoxo

  2. What a perfectly sweet little video! I am currently camera shopping and am really thinking about getting one with the HD video capabilities... And this make me even more excited about it! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  3. For the longest time you couldn't buy fireworks in PA, it was illegal. I guess they've gotten around that law in recent years, because they are always for sale at every gas station or major intersection in the weeks leading up to the 4th. I'm too afraid to buy any! But I could probably get some sparklers and be fine :) Cute video! xo


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