A Farmer's Market Dinner

We recently made this flatbread with 90% ingredients from the farmer's market! The flax flatbread that served as our base was from our favorite bread lady at Olde Hearth Bread Co. The asparugus, mushrooms, yukon gold potatoes, and basil were all from our produce guy. The only ingredients that we didn't get from the farmer's market was the goat cheese. We cooked it on our pizza stone in a hot oven. It was so delicious!

I don't really have a recipe for this flatbread because S threw it together on a whim one night after watching David Chang in the Anthony-Bourdain-narrated-show The Mind of a Chef on PBS. We love David Chang's food from what we have seen, and all of the additional chefs that they have interviewed on the show are all doing really interesting things in the food world. Everything is incredibly inspiring, enough to make S get up off the couch (while I'm submerged in my AC video game still) to make an "whirlpool" egg served with olive oil. So savory so good.
Other than that egg, this flatbread is super easy to make and of course can be substituted for whatever you grabbed at the farmer's market that weekend! 
On another note, I'm enjoying my promotion and I'm loving the more responsibility that I get to have. One of my favorite things about events is vendors and networking and I get to focus on that much more now that I am a manager. Along with the marketing and leading, I'm embracing my new responsibilities openly. Although, working full-time hours (instead of working part-time while attending classes full-time) seem to be more time consuming. I'm still getting accustomed to my new schedule, a fairly normal schedule in the world of 9-5. However, on weekends I tend to try to enjoy just relaxing while I used to jump at every chance to go out and try something new. So, right now I am appreciating every weekend moment, fairly soon I'm certain I'll be taking advantage of weekends events again that my town has to offer. Happy weekend!


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  1. you always make my belly rumble. luckily i have recently discovered a few good gluten-free dough mixs so i can make a version of this! those veggies look delicious and in case you didn't know i have a serious goat cheese addiction. enjoy your weekend xo

  2. That looks amazing, serious food envy going on here! xx

  3. oh my gosh this looks so yummy! love that nearly everything is from the farmer's market :) how awesome. you guys always make such unique, gourmet recipes!

  4. That looks so good!
    I am looking forward to having this coming Saturday off so Wade & I can head over to our town's farmer's market.

  5. That looks incredible (and incredible for you!) and now all I want to do is find a farmers market. Or goat cheese. I'm not picky. xo


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