A Closer Look At Our Wedding

It's been almost two months since our wedding day and I'm still in awe that it's over. In my previous posts about our wedding I wrote about the entire evening. Now I'm sharing more photos by my photographer, Kellie Warren of KWU Weddings. These are the detail shots that I wanted to share with you. Many of the day-of duties were taken care of by my boss and my co-worker - two people who work at the museum with me and know all the details of a wedding! If you or a friend is  getting married any time soon, I would recommend having a professional event coordinator for all of the day-of details, or at the very least, a friend that knows exactly what  you want and can make the right decision under pressure!
One of the things we somewhat "splurged" on what our burlap runners. Normally, this wouldn't be a splurge but instead a cheap purchase. Although, our venue has a rule about no burlap (it's highly flammable), so we worked through our caterer to track down flame-retardant fabric that had the same wonderful texture as burlap. My centerpieces were mostly floating candles and antlers and bundles of lavender. 
Weeks before the wedding, myself, my boss, and co-worker that coordinated for me all went to a local flower shop called Carlstedt's. They had a huge freezer full of interesting blooms, and we were able to take photos of our favorites. As the day got closer, I sent them photos of exactly which plants I wanted, them telling me their names and me trying to memorize them. I picked up thistle, heather, veronica, and more the day before the rehearsal dinner in order to use them for the rehearsal dinner and my ceremony as well. 
The great thing about more wildflower type of flowers is that they are heartier and last longer. All of them lasted the weekend and a few even lasted weeks after that.
Our guests sat at banquet style tables which worked perfectly for the long room. Everything was wood and brick and didn't need a ton of extra decor with the market lights, up lights, dance floor, and candles. Banquet style was important to us because it was more like family style, and reminded us of the dinner parties that we would host. We wanted our guests to feel like they were over for dinner and not just at a wedding.
Coming over for dinner to our home is normally something fun and exciting with someone new we've never cooked before. One of our favorite at home dinner party must-haves is an antipasto platter with meats, cheeses, and veggies to snack on before the meal. Our caterer was able to do this for us and had one platter at every table for guests to share, family style. 
Our desserts were made by our dear friend who used to live in Orlando and now lives in Austin, TX. She would host us for dinner as well and these are two desserts that she made for us that I knew I had to have at our wedding. Our cake was lavender cupcakes with lemon butter-cream. Our mini-pies were mixed berry tarts with a lavender vanilla cream. They were both so delicious and a dessert that I wish I could have every week!
Lastly, our rings were another important element to us. My diamond ring was a family heirloom, and we ended up changing the yellow gold setting to a simple four-prong white gold setting. For S's wedding band, he chose a cocobolo wood and titanium band from Minter and Richter on Etsy. They customize everything for you from the wide of the titanium to the width of the wood. My band was a simple black diamond band that I got at Zales. It offered some more sparkle to my set while not being the traditional diamonds. There are many black diamond mines in Brazil, so not only do I love the look of them, I love that they come from Brazil just like me. Not to mention, I once read that traditional diamonds reflect the light where as black diamonds absorb the light. It's amazing to think two things with such similar elemental make-up could be nearly polar opposites. 
That's all for now. I still have hundreds of photos as you can imagine and perhaps I will share more over the summer. But in the meantime, I hope you liked the little sneak peeks into our wedding day. On Thursday it will be two months already since our wedding and it's incredible how fast time goes.

Venue: Winter Park Farmer's Market
Caterer: Puff n Stuff
Photographer: KWU Weddings
DJ: Junction 88 Productions
Dance floor: Letz Dance On It
Chair rental: Orlando Wedding Party Rental
Chuppah rental: Julbilation
Florals: LavenderFanatic.com and Carlstedt's
Dress alterations: Sharon Picone
Grooms suit: Zara


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  1. Love love love love love (and a million more!) I have already recruited my friend Audrey (she comments on my blog as Gary Oldman, haha) for day-of set-up. I'm thinking we'll end up going the burlap route as well for the tables, and I'm thinking about floating candles in mason jars. Who knows. It's all well into the future. I love the banquet table style, it really does feel more intimate! Unfortunately our venue only has round tables, which is actually fine for the space since the room isn't very long. Please tell me you'll share more details soon! Happy 2 month anniversary :) xo

    Ps. I had no idea you were from Brazil! I guess you were happy with yesterdays Confederation Cup results! xo

  2. Hey, I have been out of touch with the blog world for the last couple months, so it feels like a proper treat coming back here to catch up on your writing - you have done so much and it is all looking so good! Also the flowers in this post are beautiful, the colours are perfect. Hope you are well :) xx

  3. I absolutely adore the set up and the flowers! I had gone to our local florist (she did both of my sister's weddings) with pictures of wildflower bouquets, and when we picked them up day of, it was nothing like I had expected... in a bad way. I love seeing the pictures from your wedding day and the poetic way you write about them. I forever look forward to your posts! :)

  4. thank you so very much for sharing a glimpse with us into your most special day!

  5. Everything looks amazing! Your friend did an awesome job with the desserts. The presentation was divine. I'm adoring all of your wedding photo posts so feel free to share anytime. :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the flowers. We had out wedding reception at the farmer's market. It's such a great venue!

  7. These pictures are beautiful! I love the flowers and the burlap on the tables!
    Sincerely, Sara

  8. this is so beautiful yelle! i am glad you shared all the close-up of the details, the banquet tables and flowers are just gorgeous. this is my favorite wedding style by far. it's totally refined but still has such a feel of ease and a lovely earthy vibe. can't wait to see more! oh and those desserts! they look so delicious and beautiful. xo

  9. Beautiful! Your tables are absolutely stunning. Looks like a very special day:)

  10. Gosh Yelle, these are SO beautiful! Your photographer did a great job, and you planned the decor so well. I love how simple it was. Using wildflowers was a great idea, and it brought a more natural feel to the wedding too. Will definitely have to keep that in mind in a few years ;) I'm just in love with all the details and personal touches, it was absolutely lovely!

  11. Your photographer did an amazing job Yelle. And how sweet (and lucky) that you were able to work with people you consider friends to put your special day together.

  12. I just love all the details. Impeccable!


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