Weekend Recap of "Life Lately"

These are just some photos from around our home. I took them in between each vanilla waffle in our waffle maker. Lately we've been working hard or enjoying our time off together. This past weekend we ate Chipotle at home while watching a movie on Friday night. Saturday morning we made a simple but delicious breakfast with our New York bagels, enjoyed with champagne - because NYC bagels are a thing to celebrate here in Florida. We went out on Saturday night to see a movie (the latest Noah Baumbach movie - Frances Ha) and on Sunday we made waffles just because I wanted to eat Nutella for breakfast. 
Whenever I make waffles I make a dozen or so, enough for the freezer for a few weeks. I change up the extract that I use every so often. My favorite is the almond extract waffles, but they call for a ton of almond extract and I'd rather save that for my biscotti! Vanilla extract is an old favorite, and next time I think I am going to blend my lavender buds into the sugar for lavender-vanilla waffles. I think that just might be genius to pair with Nutella...
Below are some gifts that I have been thoroughly enjoying and that I adore so much. The first is a set of stemless red wine glasses from a dear friend. To me, it was such a thoughtful gift because she knows me so well. I've played around with the idea of getting the longitude and latitude of where S + I met tattooed on me, someplace small, just for us. But I am always undecided on placement (there are two other tattoos that I want that I haven't gotten because I can't decide on placement). Instead, my dear friend had the longitude and latitude engraved on gorgeous wine glasses for us. I swoon every time I see them, I adore them so much because the numbers are kind of a secret 
Another gift that I adore so much that I leave out for us to admire regularly is this butcher block long cutting board. It's engraved with our new last name and my favorite touch, established May 4th, 2013, our wedding date. I told S that I don't want to put any cheese/meat/olives/etc on it because I want this board to last forever. I've deemed it the bread and cracker board - which the length is perfect for. 
Naturally, I write in a personal journal as well as this blog. I've been journaling since I was in middle school and I have all of my journals from high school to this day. I still have the leather cover that I've used all of these years and it's grown soft and worn with all of the late night writing sessions. I love it, but I was gifted this gorgeous Rifle Paper Co journal and I thought it would be perfect to chronicle my first year of marriage in it. I can switch back to the plain cardboard inserts after this gorgeous one is full. 
Other than that, we're keeping ourselves busy with work. There aren't as many events in summer time, but this is the time that we do our marketing, networking, and brainstorming on how to better our department. On Instagram you can see some little snippets (12) of the vendors that we've been visiting lately. I love working with the vendors in this area - they are all so nice and have such customer service. I am constantly learning from each of them about our industry that I am just beginning my career in.


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  1. Lovely photos! Those lavender waffles sound divine! Being home and being together is a necessity form time to time. I find slowing down on the weekends for me is rare, so when we finally get to do it, we savor those moments!

  2. love the idea of tattooing the latitude / longitude of your meeting place, what a sweet little momento between you two. i'm with you though, every time i am ready to get a tattoo, i'm just not sure enough of what a where that i don't end up pulling the trigger... :)

  3. i love the idea of the lat/long being secret. how perfect is that? that cheese board is so lovely too! and i think i might have to steal your waffle idea and for some reason i am really seeing a pear compote on the side. yum!

  4. I always have the intention to freeze waffles but I never do. You're so dedicated! Loving all of the personal gifts you've been receiving. It's always so great to have gifts that have personal meaning behind them.

  5. Okay, your space is just so charming! I am actually trying to visit Winter Park for the first time this weekend with my family!

  6. those bagels on instagram looked amazing! AND with lavender champagne :) the coordinates are such a cool idea--if you don't end up getting them as a tattoo, i think they look great on the wine glasses nonetheless :) especially because you know you'll use them often.

  7. That Rifle paper journal is just adorable; I really love their motifs. And I can't imagine anything sweeter than that stemless wine glass with the coordinates on it. You could even commission a local artist (or your new hubby!) to make a print with the coordinates on it. Something really graphic and elegant. And then you could hang it up and see it every day!

  8. I spy Rifle Paper Company!! <3 <3

  9. Your journal is so precious!

  10. I am in love with your blog! Gorgeous!!

  11. I haven't been over to your actual blog in a while; it looks great!! Nice work with everything! Looks like married/post-grad life is treating you well!!


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