Weekend @ the Farmer's Market

One of the things that I look forward to every weekend is going to the farmers market with S. It's our time to purchase some groceries for the week including fruits and veggies for our juicer and fresh bread for our sandwiches. 
I love knowing our local produce man and the bread lady. The see us every Sunday and are always asking how our week was, all the while wishing us a wonderful week ahead. I swear I saw the produce man check his watch when we walked up, as if expecting us like clockwork. And I'm certain that the bread lady gave us a discount this week for no particular reason.
There are a few treats that we sometimes splurge on like fresh goose eggs or tart and sugary lime-aide. Those are the things we purchase if we have left over cash from buying three or four bags full of fruits and veggies. 
There's other treats that we always see but have yet to try like the popsicle lady and the crepe guy. Perhaps when summer is in full swing or I'm feeling really nostalgic for France I will try them. 
Then there's the kettle corn man, who wears full length clothing and an apron to protect himself from the heat. They pop the kettle corn in large vintage roasters and kettle corn almost always fly out while they stir it around. They ring a bell when a fresh batch is ready to eat. He always asks, "Do you want the bag open or closed?" and I say, "Open, of course," so that I can enjoy the bag of warm popcorn while walking around and even on the way home. It's so delicious, a perfect balance of sweet and salty.
Lately, I've been on a champagne kick. With the heat of summer and warm days coming on quick, it's the perfect fizz that's refreshing and not too sweet. I have also been obsessed with this necklace that I bought at a local tea house and art shop in one. It was made by a local artist and it reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, which has been on my mind since the Red Wedding episode. Jaw dropping is all I can say. 
The rest of the weekend consists of work, and a few days of relaxation. I'm looking forward to visiting home soon and to spend quality time with family and old friends. This will be the first time since the wedding that we are visiting home, and it will be nice to sit around to casually discuss how the wedding went in their point of view. We already have lots of dinner dates, barbecue afternoons, movie dates, and brunches planned.


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  1. Any time is a good time for champagne, as far as I'm concerned. I could even drink Rosé all summer long, it's so refreshing in the heat. I love that you guys go to a farmers market so religiously. There aren't consistent ones near us, only in the summer really and the selection is limited. I wish, though! Especially for the kettle corn. xo

  2. I hear you! I always look forward to visiting the farmer's market. Although I'm not quite sure why I didn't go this weekend. I look forward to seeing each of the vendors, even if it's the same faces every week. I wish someone sold eggs at our farmer's market. Great pictures!

  3. I went on a big champagne kick after my wedding, as well! It's so refreshing and light. I love farmer's markets and it's so nice that y'all go there every week! I bet they love you guys. We have a small farmer's market in my town that just opened up and I can't wait to go check it out!

    I love your necklace!

  4. LOVE that necklace. so perfect! the game of thrones association doesn't hurt either ;) i'm so addicted to that show it's ridiculous. currently watching re-runs....sundays just aren't as exciting without an episode. surprisingly, i think champagne is my favorite alcoholic beverage! probably odd but it's just so good :)

  5. Going to farmer's markets is my absolute favorite weekend activity! All of the good markets are a little too far for me to venture out every weekend, though. Bummer :(
    That necklace of yours is GORGEOUS!
    xo Heather

  6. I LOVE going to the Farmer's Market. Such a fun weekend activity!

  7. i love me a game of thrones reference so let me get that out of the way first :) you're right it is so daenerys. and very very pretty. (btw i am on the 4th book now! funny i didn't think i'd even make it through the 1st. but this one is going much more slowly :/)

    your farmers market looks so pretty. i love how you always capture the mood with your photos. i need to get back in the habit of going to mine weekly too. the one by my house gets so crowed i often chicken out going alone with my rugrats. but this summer should be easier now that they are almost 5 (boohoo).


  8. there are few things i love more than a summer farmer's market

  9. For real... the Red Wedding was the most crazy thing I've ever seen! I was screaming "No!!" the whole scene!! Sorry... none of my friends watch it so I've been starved for GoT conversation. Haha. That necklace is really beautiful!

  10. Love the necklace and the post :)

  11. I love going to the farmers market! I really would like to travel around and visit other florida markets too. :) I love your necklace by the way!

  12. I love a farmers market! It's amazing what one can find at one. The one by me has this macaroon stand.. to DIE for :)


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